WATCH: Parler CEO Describes How Big Tech Is Trying to Keep His Site Offline

The past 72-hour period could be described as dizzying, with everything from the President of the United States getting permanently banned from social media outlet Twitter to numerous Conservative voices getting purged by the tech giant or deciding to leave it voluntarily to Amazon Web Services (AWS) dropping Conservatarian social media site Parler off its cloud hosting services. So, it’s good to get a breather by hearing from someone right in the center ring of this circus.


John Matze, the CEO of Parler, sat down with Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show Monday night. And it came in the wake of one more shock wave to the social media sphere today — breaking news that his company is suing AWS for breach of contract, among other alleged violations, as Bonchie wrote about earlier. (Note: later on tonight or Tuesday morning, please check out Shipwreckedcrew’s analysis of the legal filing, readers.)

Tucker began by describing Parler as a “safe space” for freedom of speech, and asked John if his company anticipated Amazon shutting it down.

He replied:

“We’ve definitely theorized about it. You just never think it will happen, though.

What’s really interesting is that they [Amazon, Google, Apple] all did it on the same day, those three, without any prior warning. We woke up on Friday….[with Parler] at number 1 in the app store; we had almost 7 million unique people on the app that day.

And we get a notice: ‘You’re in violation of our terms.’ One after another.”

But John explained that, “in some cases,” his company got no notice at all from the companies. He found out from “reading it in Buzzfeed.” He continues, bravely, by naming names: Google was one of those companies where “we read it online, in the news, first,” describing it as “shocking.”

John told Tucker that “the last thing we have right now is email, and I bet you within 24 hours, our email [account] will be shut off, too.”


But the interview took an even darker turn, as John Matze said he’s gotten death threats and “can’t even go home tonight.” And when Tucker inquired how soon Parler will be back online, John’s voice took on an exasperated tone. He said that while they’d like it to be “soon,” many of the hosting vendors he had hoped to have Parler’s back have fallen like dominoes “right at the last second, someone said something” — as he said, one after another.

And while it appears John and his fledgling social media platform might have gained some breathing room now from Big Tech’s machinations, with what appears to be a tentative “hand-up” from a new cloud hosting company, as my colleague Jeff Charles reported in the past hour, it’s no guarantee that’s the fix John Matze and co. are looking for long term.

You can watch the full “Tucker” interview below, via Fox News:


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