Nancy Pelosi Insists the Election Was a 'Victory' for House Democrats, and the Harsh Truth Says Otherwise

In the Friday morning presser for the House Democrat conference, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gloated that her party can claim they garnered a big victory on Election Day. It comes after even mainstream media outlets have had to report that the Democrats suffered massive loses in places that they had been expected to hold or gain House seats in this election cycle.


But readers know by now that Democrat leaders like Pelosi are undeterred by reality or numbers, when they get in the way of a preferred narrative. She even had a massive chart to gesture to illustrating their big “success” on November 3. And what was this success, exactly? I’ll let her explain it to you, because I’m not sure I could type it without laughing hysterically.

“Did you know that House Democrats got nearly two million more votes than Donald Trump?

I say that because everybody said… Everybody turned out, and it was a great victory, a mandate!


I said [in 2018], It’s going to be harder next time, because [Trump’s] going to be on the ballot. And it was, and it was.

At one point, Pelosi appeared to notice that something important was missing from the chart — the popular vote total for the top of the ticket, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. But, as this video of part of the press conference shows, the ever-crafty one tried to cover for the oversight quickly.

Quietly, in the midst of her bombast, she did admit that her conference will “lose some of those [40] seats” they gained in the midterms two years ago. But, then she swung right back to her silly chart and repeated the mantra of “beating Trump by two million votes.” And she had one more point to gloat over:


“People say, ‘Well, the Democrats didn’t turn out — no, we did! We turned out more….In fact, more than three million more than the [House] Republicans did.”

The obsession of Democrats over the popular vote is never-ending. Why? Pelosi gives away the reason by repeating something else during her tirade, insisting that Democrats only lost because districts are gerrymandered and voters are heavily-suppressed from voting by the evil Republicans..

And as my colleague Nick Arama wrote earlier today, the harsh reality of things is that those promised wins for Democrats across the country never materialized at the ballot box. (see: “Here Are Some Major Reasons Why It’s Hard to Believe the Biden Numbers”)

When the legacy media and Democrat pundits were predicting that Dems would gain a larger majority this time, the exact opposite happened. Pelosi has been left with a small group to herd, while the Senate looks like it will stay in Republican control. In fact, you can call it a “red wave,” not a blue wave. She needs to wake up and realize that’s the truth.


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