Watch: New Trump Video Features the Three Most Important Words on Election Day

An integral part of President Donald Trump’s re-election rallies in 2020 came about because of a fluke overreaction from joyless scolds on the Left, according to a recent report from the Associated Press:


“YMCA,” widely considered a gay anthem, is a relatively new addition to Trump’s rally playlist. It was swapped in this year after the Rolling Stones threatened in June to sue if Trump didn’t stop using their song “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as his rally closer.

And as anyone who’s attended or watched his events online knows, the new closer from the disco troupe The Village People, has come to symbolize a rebirth of the president’s campaign after recovering from the China plague. As Breitbart News wrote just over a week ago about a video of Trump dancing at a rally in mid-October:


The Daily Caller tweeted a video of the president grooving on the stage to the Village People’s “YMCA” after a rally in Florida on October 12:

Trump pointed to the crowd, then pumped his fists back and forth as he stepped in time to the music.

Clips of his moves at other rallies have gone viral, and TikTok users are now dancing alongside him in their own videos, according to CBS News.


The whirlwind of rallies has ended, though.

Now, as Election Day dawns, we have one more video to enjoy with Pres. Trump’s signature moves. And it featured the three most important words today: “Vote! Vote! Vote!”

Watch it for yourself. And if you haven’t already, vote.

H/T:Siraj Hashmi


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