LISTEN: Rush Shares His Cancer Has Returned, but Listeners Ended up With Hopeful Message

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At the beginning of his nationally-syndicated radio program Monday, Rush Limbaugh gave listeners one of the infrequent updates on his fight against advanced-stage lung cancer, which he’s shared since he announced the shocking diagnosis back in February.

And what he had to say was anything but good news.

But as you might know, the legendary broadcaster and Presidential Medal of Freedom winner isn’t one to sit around in the doldrums.

He began by saying:

“There are lots of ups and down in this particular illness and, at times, it can feel like a rollercoaster.


The week before last was treatment week, and [I] got some scans. Don’t get scans every treatment week. The scan did show some progression of cancer. Now, prior to that, the scans had shown that we had rendered the cancer dormant. That’s my phrase for it. We had stopped the growth. It had been reduced, and had become manageable.”

Radio host Mark Davis shared more of the most sobering part of Rush’s announcement…

But, as I mentioned, that was just the start of what Rush said. Most of it was uplifting and even inspiring, in fact:


During the second segment, Rush told listeners details he hadn’t revealed to anyone until now, about the day he learned he had advanced cancer:

The fight against the disease was tough-going at first, too, which left him feeling “absolutely hopeless”:

One fan appreciated how Rush described his journey with cancer — but notes that it’s an apt metaphor for all of us to remember:


But, readers, this was where I teared up… and it’s something I think we all can learn from.

Rush said:

“I always try to keep everything in perspective, on a day to day basis, and to realize that you just don’t know. Nobody does. I love to point out that we all only get one life. We don’t get a do-over…well, we do! Actually, we get a do-over every day.”

Rush’s sidekick/producer, Bo Snerdley, shared some emotional words after the announcement:

One FYI: if you haven’t already, you can keep up with Rush through his brand-new, first-ever Twitter account, @RealRLimbaugh:


Incredibly, it was just 10 days ago that Rush helped host President Trump’s “world’s largest virtual rally” during two hours of his radio show — an event which was estimated by various observers as drawing between 20 and 50 million listeners across the country.

Make sure to check out my colleague Susie Moore’s tribute to October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in which she continues her series looking back at her own, former fight against the disease. [see: PinkState: When 0 > 1]

To hear the full announcement and message, move the player back (to the left):

Join me and everyone at RedState in praying for Rush and his family during this ordeal.


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