People Wonder if Jeff Goldblum Will Show up on SNL as VP Pence's 'Fly'

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The hours following any presidential cycle general election debate is always a flurry of hot takes and predictions on who won and who lost, and Wednesday night following the sole vice presidential debate for 2020 between Vice President Mike Pence (R) and Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was no different. Except, because of one, very specific uninvited guest at the debate, you could find commentary from social media accounts like this one, which likely will have about the same lifespan as the insect it claims to represent:


Yes, near the end of the bout, which the vice president won handily, a common housefly landed on the VP’s head. And just sat there. For several minutes. Naturally, the media lost its mind over it.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote:

Post-debate commentary from biased, network news “journalists” and other anti-Trump media figures went much further. Take, for instance, “CBS This Morning” co-host and friend-of-Obama Gayle King, who had this reaction: (emphasis added)

“I still keep going back to that fly because you know, number one, I’ve never seen anything like that. It was a fly of color too, that came at a very opportune time and that is the Saturday Night Live skit — skit waiting to happen on Saturday. Can’t wait to see it.”

And I don’t blame S.T. for sadly shaking her head at the lack of seriousness from the press, on what should be a serious news night.

But besides King, many other people saw the potential to poke some fun at all this serious business.  And it’s perfectly acceptable to do that on the Twitters. Even Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) managed to poke fun at himself with this lighthearted fly joke:


And this one posted Thursday springs a funny Biden joke:

Others, though, began bringing up the idea of actor Jeff Goldblum reprising his title role in the classic, ’80s sci-fi/horror flick, “The Fly” — on the next episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

The NY Post:

“What we all need is Jeff Goldblum to reprise his role as ‘The Fly’ on SNL,” tweeted comedian Natalia Ray-gun. She was referencing the 1986 sci-fi flick “The Fly” in which Goldblum plays an eccentric scientist who accidentally transforms himself into a winged insect-human hybrid.

“If SNL doesn’t get Jeff Goldblum to play the fly in this week’s episode, they’re missing a massive opportunity,” seconded actress Lauren Ash.


They added that everyone’s fave, Nineties TV dad, Bob Saget quipped: “The Fly just got a show on Netflix. Jeff Goldblum to voice.”

While there’s no word yet on whether Goldblum will show up on “SNL” to play the iconic creature, heck, I might even tune in to the consistently-unfunny “SNL,” if this really happens.


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