Fargo PD Reported a 'Moose on the Loose'; Now It's BACK Again

(U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP)
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 (U.S. Customs and Border Protection via AP)


It’s a situation many parents (and even grandparents, these days) can relate to. Adult children who move back home — then never manage to leave. You’re patient and welcoming and wanting the best for them, but at a certain point, they’ve got to GO.


Those are the circumstances the residents and police department of Fargo, North Dakota, find themselves in Friday. But this isn’t some family member, or even an out of whack stranger like John Rambo wandering around, like in the “First Blood” movies (and books). This is a moose who’s definitely overstayed its welcome.

The tale started on Thursday morning, when the Fargo PD shared this bulletin:

“Moose on the loose: Please DO NOT approach the moose. DO NOT seek the moose out in your vehicle. We do not want the moose pushed into traffic or agitated in a residential neighborhood as this could endanger lives. Let him make his way back out of town peacefully.”

They also shared an update on the moose’s…well, recreational activities while in the city. Fore!


One officer captured a video of the moose’s wandering ways (as moose are wont to do):

The police department reported Thursday night that the moose had left the city limits, reminding residents not to bother it, if they happened to see it.

But KVRR-TV is now reporting that the moose is BACK! And the PD has humorously named the story “Moose on the Loose, Part 2”:

Fargo Police Update: Moose on the Loose, part 2.

The moose is back in town.

We have been alerted to a moose in town by 27 Ave. S. and 18 St. S. Same as yesterday, DO NOT approach the moose or seek it out.

According to a West Fargo Pioneer report, moose sightings near North Dakota cities aren’t all that rare, but they don’t normally make their way deep into populated areas like this. Here’s a report they did on a moose in Grand Forks — where the University of North Dakota is located — from about a year ago:


A moose was on the loose on the University of North Dakota campus, UND Police tweeted Tuesday, Sept. 3.

It was in Memorial Stadium Tuesday, where UND football players say they were shocked to see the animal in their space.

The moose arrived on campus around 8 a.m., UND Police Lt. Danny Weigel said.

The Pioneer spoke with a spokesperson and biologist with the North Dakota Department of Game and Fish, Jim Job:

“It’s not uncommon at all; it’s just uncommon for them to wander into town,” said Job, adding that moose have walked into nearly all of the state’s major cities, including Fargo, Minot and Bismarck.

I think someone shoulda told the moose the, um, city is closed:


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