Opinion: Katy Tur Continues to Wow America

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To paraphrase the late Ronald Reagan in one of his most favorite quips to say during presidential debates:

“There she goes again!”

In this case, instead of referring to Democratic opponent Senator Walter Mondale (D) or then-President Jimmy Carter (D), the person I’m aiming it at is NBC News’ hacktastic “news reporter” and author, Katy Tur.


The last time I tangled with her work, back in April, Tur had committed a truly impressive reporting FAIL by pushing out the unconfirmed, “breaking news” that North Korea’s diminutive dictator Kim Jong Un was brain dead and in a coma, after a heart procedure.

Then in July, my colleague Sister Toldjah shared Tur’s embarrassing, on-air transformation into a walking, Democrat Party talking point. In the process, the MSNBC anchor also managed to step on whatever her invited guest was trying to get out. But, coincidentally, the topic of that evening’s program relates to Tur’s latest gaffe on Thursday night.

She, Chuck Todd, and her guest, Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh, were discussing some recent, indoor Trump rallies — and whether those expressions of free speech was more or less dangerous than a “peaceful protest” organized by Black Lives Matter. Not much has changed since July, has it?

As I mentioned, Katy Tur continued to wow America with her scintillating journalisming skills late last night.

Replying with a quote-tweet on a campaign pool reporter’s tweet, she pointed to her own, gumshoe efforts, in an attempt to label what the other writer quoted from President Trump’s Thursday night’s rally in Wisconsin.

Tur wrote:

I spoke to roughly 20 Trump voters in Staten Island today and almost all of them told me Biden was a puppet of either Harris, AOC, Pelosi, or George Soros. The Trump/Fox News echo chamber is effective.


The problem with Tur’s analysis, such as it is, is that more than a few Democrats have shown their cards over the past few days on who’s really going to be running the show if Biden wins in November, including AOC. Even Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have mixed up who’s at the top of the ticket and who’s the Second Banana. Make no mistake; despite Tur’s protestations to the contrary, if the former vice president becomes America’s 46th president, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be the one pulling the strings.

Just like the late Pres. Reagan couldn’t help calling out Mondale and Carter, I couldn’t help dropping this catchy, Britpop classic here:



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