Pro-Choice Actress Calls out Kamala for Extreme, '20-Week' Abortion Stance

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Anyone who regularly reads RedState knows that, as a publication, it’s 100 percent pro-life. You could say the position is built into our DNA around here. So, it might sound surprising to find praise for someone who calls themselves pro-choice in an article on abortion. But there’s more to the story, so stick with me.

Earlier today, RedState’s Mike Miller shared the powerful response by some parents over a resurfaced, 2018 tweet by now-Democratic vice presidential nominee, Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) which showed she was against a ban on “20-week” abortions.

Now, a pro-choice actress is taking Harris to task for her opposition to the ban.

Kirstie Alley, who has 1.4 million fans on Twitter, told them Monday night:

I’ve finally come undone .. less than a week as the VP nominee and RALLYING FOR 20 WEEK ABORTIONS. Look around!! Can you not see a world in need of IMPORTANT life saving help and you’re worried about F’ing abortions??!

@KamalaHarris I hope to God you lose.

She continued:

I’m even pro choice … but leave it to the FAR LEFT LUNATICS and @KamalaHarris to take it to the FAAAAAAAR left!! 20 weeks! THAT’s 5 MONTHS! FIVE MONTHS!!! You NEEDED FIVE MONTHS to make a choice???!! SORRY, ur Too late! TIMES UP!

U don’t get to make that brutal INHUMANE CHOICE


Later, Alley acknowledged her tumultuous tweets, writing that, sometimes, standing up for what’s right “warrant[s] falling on your knees”:

I DID come unglued today but let’s face it, there are things that warrant falling to your knees. Then you RISE to fight another day. Takes a lot of energy, not gonna lie


Alley’s words lead to some unwelcome and difficult questions for a Democrat Party that seems to become more progressive by the day. When someone calling themselves “pro-choice” opposes an abortion stance supported by your nominee for Vice President of the United States, that’s a problem.

Another uncomfortable question: Just how reliable is polling on how many Americans are pro-choice? That is, what exactly do respondents mean when they say they’re pro-choice?

But I’ll go one step further: you could call into question what “pro-choice” means, period.

And if the American people are unclear on the definition of “pro-choice,” then that can only count as a win for Life.


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