Writer Upset by Melania's Re-Do of the WH Rose Garden Is Missing One Embarrassing Point

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President Donald Trump and first Lady Melania Trump react at the end of a White House National Day of Prayer Service in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, May 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


By now, you’ve likely seen the social media pile-on by the leftist media mob and their adherents over First Lady Melania Trump’s re-do of the White House Rose Garden.

Happily, there’s no need to share most of that here, since our sister publication Twitchy caught the gist of it, with Twitter users schooling Never Trump commentator Ana Navarro in their piece “REEE! This WOMAN! Ana Navarro RAGING because FLOTUS made the Rose Garden accessible does NOT end well for her, like at all.” One could find hundreds more similar, mind-numbingly embarrassing tweets by pundits like Navarro on this topic.

You could, for example, see this from NY Times columnist Charles M. Blow, who never misses an opportunity to say something gross about President Trump and his wife. Luckily, a friend was able to take a screenshot of what he wrote, because — like most blue-check cowards — Blow limits who can read his tweets:

He wrote:

“If this isn’t a Marie Antionette [sic] moment I don’t know what is. Who cares about a redesigned rose garden when we’re in the middle of a pandemic, 175k+ people are dead and millions are out of work?”

Or this nonsense, which my colleague Jeff Charles ran into:


What I will highlight, though, are the wrongheaded musings by history book author and fashion magazine relationship writer Jennifer Wright, who decided she needed to chide the First Lady for destroying “the colorful, happy Rose Garden under Obama”:

She even doubled down in her thread, echoing Blow’s disgusting comparison of Melania to Marie Antoinette, writing:

“I’d say that overhauling your garden during a time of national unrest is a real Marie Antoinette move, but to my knowledge Marie Antoinette did not make the garden worse.”

But why give them the time of day, when all of their balloons can be deflated with one photo?

That’s right. The garden Wright shared an image of wasn’t from the Obama administration at all — it was from, until recently, the Republican president most despised by the Left… George W. Bush in 2008. Oops!

Once again, my friend American Elephant had the receipts on what our current First Lady has planned for the garden:


He added:

Megyn Kelly gets it about right, I think.

She wrote:

“I think the new Rose Garden is beautiful. Understated elegance and a classy look. It will be amazing once it grows in a bit too. People need to calm down.”

Indeed, they do.

H/T American Elephant


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