CO Gov Condemns 'Acts of Criminal Terrorism' Overnight in Denver that Smashed up Family's Restaurant

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Colorado Governor Jared Polis makes a point while wearing a face mask with the logo of Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies during a news conference to update the state’s efforts to control the spread of the new coronavirus Friday, May 15, 2020, in the State Capitol in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)


In the middle of violent rioting in Denver by mobs calling for the total defunding of the city’s police force Saturday night, you couldn’t help but notice the hallmarks: the sight of fires and the raucous sound of smashing windows, as WVEC reported.

There’s much more like that in a piece by RedState’s Nick Arama. Marc Sallinger, the same reporter whose tweets and videos we shared Saturday, returned to the scene Sunday morning to document the aftermath:

Included in his reporting was the story of a family-run, Quiznos franchise that was one of the businesses with its windows busted out.

Andy Szekeres, a local, political fundraiser, whose politics seem to be left-of-center based on his Twitter timeline, shared that he knows the owner — and as we’re seen in other “peaceful protests” that are supposedly in the name of George Floyd — the man and his family aren’t white.

He wrote:

“The owner of this shop one of the hardest workers I’ve met in a long time. He also happens to be a person of color. Such a shame.”


The chaos led many to denounce the violence, include the other Stephen Miller, who sarcastically praise Colorado’s governor Jared Polis (D) for the evening’s events.

He wrote:

“The restaurant is owned by a family” 12 years in Denver. Now smashed. Hey you’re doing great @jaredpolis”

It appears to have gotten Polis’ attention, after all. He left a comment-tweet on one of Sallinger’s updates.

He wrote:

“Just as we all condemn inexcusable acts of terror against a family-owned restaurant, acts of criminal terrorism are just as wrong against corporate chains and public buildings. An attack against any of our lives and property is an attack against all of our lives and property.”


The Denver Post reported on the arrests and injuries one police officer suffered during the night’s unrest:

Police arrested 12 people and cited another person, police Chief Paul Pazen said.

Those arrested and their charges: Jordan White, 19, criminal mischief; Bailey Yntema, 23, throwing missiles; Tigran Manukyan, 29, possession of a dangerous weapon. Eight people were charged with obstruction:  Jacob Anikow, 20; Miriam Schwarz, 20; Aaron Jones, 21; Isabelle Bullock, 18; Devlin Baker, 27; Stephen Merida, 20, Jill Hunsaker, 29, and Marianne Byrne, 19. Gabriel Hernandez, 32, was cited for interference but not physically arrested.

Pazen said additional charges are expected. One officer suffered third-degree burns and a concussion during the clash, but is expected to make a full recovery, Pazen said.

These are truly inexcusable acts, whatever their motivation, when they steal away the dreams and livelihoods of Americans who are just trying to provide for their families by running a small business. We all must do better, including our politicians.


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