Janice Dean Drops 'Mr. Wear a Mask', New Photos Show Cuomo Without a Face Mask

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Janice Dean attends a screening of “A Lifetime of Sundays” at The Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

Janice Dean, everyone’s favorite weather prognosticator on Fox News, is not about to let up on New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and his policy regarding nursing homes that likely led to the deaths of her own mother- and father-in-law from complications related to the coronavirus. And who can really blame her?

In fact, in a new sit down interview (via phone, since we’re in the time of the China plague) with Faithwire editor Tré Goins-Phillips, the super-personable meteorologist didn’t hold back about her new “calling” — one much different from the usual one:

For Janice Dean, none of this — the loss of her in-laws to the coronavirus, the New York policy that could have caused their deaths, or her effort to hold Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) accountable — is political. It’s “a calling.”

“I’m not a political person at all,” Dean said with a laugh…. “I’m the meteorologist, for goodness’ sake. I used to say my big line to people would be the only red and blue I see on a map are areas of low pressure and high pressure.”


Goins-Phillips also linked to a new op-ed Dean wrote this week for USA Today. One sentence was particularly brutal — but sometimes, the truth hurts. Dean writes, in part, that “Cuomo has shown he isn’t so tough after all. In fact, he prefers to place blame on anyone but himself for the disastrous decisions he’s made.” Ouch.

But the latest development in Dean’s pushback on Cuomo’s hypocrisy over COVID-19 took place Thursday — and we’re there for it — since she managed to coin a stinging, new nickname for the governor.

As my colleague Sister Toldjah shared, Cuomo took a trip to Georgia on Wednesday — but he seemed to have forgotten to pack something important.

Dean wrote:

“Mr. wear your mask not wearing a mask in Georgia.”

His hypocrisy is truly staggering, since Gov. Cuomo just tweeted out today a demand for a “national mandate” on masks:


And while I, like many of my RedState colleagues, usually eschew foul language, this example in Eric’s tweet might be forgiven under the circumstances:

Meanwhile, as fiscally-minded Americans across the country await economy guru Carol Roth’s weekly, Friday tweet about #LaissezHair, she weighed in with this hard truth about Cuomo’s words:

“A mandate for me but not for thee,” Governor?

Editor’s note: The trip to Georgia took place Wednesday, not Thursday, and has been corrected after publication.


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