Expert on China Reveals Damning Report to Tucker Carlson on Uighur Slave Labor Tied to Apple, Nike [Watch]

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In this Aug. 31, 2018, photo, students gather outside the entrance to the No. 4 High School with banners, some of which reads “System Self Confidence, Cultural Self Confidence.” in Peyzawat, western China’s Xinjiang region. Uighurs fear the Chinese government’s expansion of compulsory Mandarin-intensive classes and boarding schools away from home will gradually erode their children’s Central Asian ethnic identity and Islamic beliefs. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Late Tuesday night, The Right Scoop published a compilation of some disturbing clips of the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of the Uighurs — a Muslim minority group within its borders. In the piece, they wrote that one, a drone video that many people saw about a week back “shows Uighurs blindfolded and bound with their heads shaved, waiting to be herded onto trains and led to wherever these Chinese officials are taking them.” In actuality, the clip isn’t new — it’s from 2018 — but it only came to light in 2019.

When a high-ranking Chinese official was asked about the recently-viral clip in a recent, BBC interview, his answer was anything but clarifying, as author Gordon Chang noted on Twitter.

He wrote:

“Liu Xioming could say nothing intelligible because there is no defense of #China’s barbarism.”

Chang, a Gatestone Institute Distinguished Senior Fellow and Advisory Board member, has been a vocal critic of the CCP and its torture and imprisonment of the Uighurs, including in his latest article for the group’s website on the practice, first reported in March, of the Chinese using the forced, or slave labor of “more than 80,000 Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities to produce products for Nike and 82 other brands”:


With that mission in mind, the author of  2001’s The Coming Collapse of China has been sitting down for a slew of interviews — including on last night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News. It wasn’t Chang’s first trip to Carlson’s show, though. He stopped in earlier in July to talk to Carlson about allegations that Beijing tried to cover up the Wuhan coronavirus.

In Tuesday’s interview, Chang did have an answer to what was going on in that video, unlike the Chinese ambassador on BBC, when Carlson asked the same question.

Chang said:

“We were looking at scenes from August 2018, in what the Chinese call Xinjiang, which the local inhabitants call East Turkistan.

It is believed, Tucker, that this is video shot by Chinese government drone, and this footage was leaked to the international community.”

Then Chang addressed the report released in March from the non-partisan Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which names the corporations – at least 83 – which are thought to be a part of the forced labor. It includes some well-known name brands:


“Two of them were Nike and Apple.” [emphasis added]

In response, Carlson noted that he “never hears anybody on the Left criticize both companies for their labor practices,” then asked his guest why he thinks that is.

Chang’s answer was damning.

He said, “It’s inexplicable,” then went on to explain how Nike has had a “relationship” through suppliers with the Chinese government for “more than three decades.” And the conditions the workers are subjected to, he added, “can only be described as ‘slave labor.'”

It’s no surprise to many Conservatives, of course. When you have such execrable outlets as the New York Times, in a truly gross display of soft-pedaling over the weekend, publishing coverage on Chinese face masks possibly being manufactured by Uighur forced labor, writing that it’s happening “through a contentious government-sponsored program that experts say often puts people to work against their will.” You don’t say.

As my colleague Joe Cunningham has covered thoroughly this week, the multiple Chang interviews are just one more reason why Tucker Carlson is so “dangerous”  to the mainstream media — he keeps circling the target and refuses to let up.


I encourage you to watch the full Chang interview below, via Fox News:


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