Twitter Troll Tries to 'Cancel' Actor for Character He Played, Gets Canceled Big Time

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There’s an epidemic upon us… and I don’t mean the Chinese plague. Wherever you look, the progressive left, with the blessing of Democrat congressional leadership, is working to dismantle every vestige of American history and culture. And Hollywood is no exception, as RedState has reported, whether it’s “Gone With The Wind,” children’s shows, or the latest American company, like Goya, the SJWs decide to cancel because of support for President Trump.

Conservatives in the entertainment industry have had to deal with this stigma for years, as the late, great Andrew Breitbart talked about in interviews and speeches. As my colleague Jennifer Van Laar wrote in June about his 2012 CPAC speech, “Breitbart told conservatives who are accused of racism (or any other -ism) to ‘ignore it,’ and turn it back around.”

That’s the advice actor Dean Cain gave a fellow thespian last month, who tried to apologize to the culture mob for one of his former roles. Cain isn’t exactly one of the Left’s favorite people, as in late May a Washington, D.C. theater cancelled “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers,” a play about  FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page he was set to star in.


And his interactions on the social media site are usually as friendly as anyone’s:

Now, a Twitter troll has tried to cancel Cain himself… and let’s just say, it didn’t go well for the troll.

The Twitter user posted a clip from “A Different World,” a spin-off sitcom from “The Cosby Show” which aired from 1987 to 1993, trying to imply that Cain was racist because of the dialogue his character said in the scene.

In reply, the actor explains that (gasp!) he was “acting”:

Seems self-explanatory, huh? Many people had the same reaction as this commenter:


One of the many things that Breitbart helped inspire was the movie, “Gosnell,” which Cain starred in several years back. And the movie’s director, Nick Searcy, whom readers may know is a Peabody award winner and international film and television star (and RedState guest columnist), jumped into action on the thread about Cain’s supposed racism:

Love it!


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