Historian Newt Gingrich Does a Brutal Takedown of Joe Biden's 'Anti-American' Fourth of July Speech

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden pauses while speaking Wednesday, June 17, 2020, in Darby, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

You’ve got to hand it to Joe Biden. Unlike the last few months, he’s not hiding in the basement anymore.


In the days leading up to Independence Day, arguably the most important American holiday on the calendar, you could find a hodgepodge of videos and tweets about the Wuhan coronavirus, Obamacare, the importance of wearing a mask, and the latest nontroversy of “Russian bounties” on the former Vice President’s Twitters account. Like this retread of every COVID-19 PSA the American people have been subjected to for months:

And that was just July 1st. It’s as if the Biden campaign team scheduled a Zoom call, in which they were invited to throw out any idea they thought might stick — and they used all of them.

There was also this bizarre non sequitur, which reads less like a presidential candidate and more like a six-year-old who backs down after trying to tell his Mommy he won’t eat the Brussels sprouts on his dinner plate:

On July 3rd and 4th, President Donald Trump got the mainstream press in a tizzy, starting with his grand presentation at Mount Rushmore, SD — which RedState covered thoroughly, before, during, and after the speech —  and rounding things out with an Independence Day salute at the White House, in which the President predicted the defeat of the radical Left, as our friends at Townhall shared.


But what did ol’ Uncle Joe have to offer the American people on this most festive of occasions? An online video that clocked in at just over a minute-and-a-half, which former Speaker of the House, 2012 GOP presidential candidate, and historian Newt Gingrich is calling what “may be the most anti-American speech ever given by an American presidential candidate.”

In a thread he shared with Twitter followers early Sunday morning, Gingrich laid it all out in a relentless fashion, as only a history professor — with numerous books about American history under his belt — could do.

He began:

“Biden’s 245 word,97 second long Fourth of July statement may be the most anti-American speech ever given by an American presidential candidate. He omits the Creator in his shortened version of the Declaration of Independence.”

“Biden admits “all men are created equal”but in the modern secular left fashion forgets to mention that they are created by God and their rights come from God.Then he defames Jefferson limiting the Founding Father, Founder of the University of Virginia, etc to one idea-slaveowner.”


“He reduces the Union’s war which led to abolishing slavery to “ravages” when the Union Army marched to the Battle Hymn of the Republic singing “as Christ died to make men Holy let us die to make men free”—and they did die for freedom. Biden’s snub of these brave men is tragic.”

“Biden then skips killing volunteer civil rights workers in Mississippi, the courage of the sit ins, Eisenhower sending in US Army to integrate Little Rock schools against a Democratic Governor,JFK fighting segregation in Mississippi and Alabama to one ugly symbol Bull Connor.”


“Biden then skips the massive 1963 rally at Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jrs I Have a Dream speech (that his children could be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character),the National Holiday to honor him, the Memorial to him on the Mall.”

“Biden’s America is “the marginalized, the demonized, the isolated, the oppressed” so after 48 years in Washington Biden will now fix everything he failed to fix for nearly a half century. Apparently in Biden’s America there has been no progress.”

“America has had a Black President,22 Black Cabinet Officers, 2 Black Supreme Court Justices, 224 other Black federal judges, 10 Black US Senators,153 elected Black members of the US House, and nearly 400 Black admirals and generals. 39 of the 100 largest cities have Black Mayors.”


Then Gingrich ends his thorough dismantling with this flourish of sarcasm:

“Of course none of the 851 offices held by African Americans can exist in Bidenland because Bidenland is dominated by “the racism that has torn us apart.” Imagine how much more positive he would be if he had served in President Obama’s Administration!”

Common sense tells us that if anyone running for the White House has a “dark and divisive” vision for America, as the NY Times, Washington Post, and others on the Left described Pres. Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech, it’s Joe Biden.

You can watch the full Biden statement below, if you’re so inclined:



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