An SNL "Weekend Update" Anchor's Grandma Passed From COVID-19 -- Now He's Helped 160 of Her Neighbors

(Will Heath/NBC via AP)

In this March 4, 2017 photo provided by NBC, Colin Jost and Michael Che, right, appear during Weekend Update segment of “Saturday Night Live” in New York. “Saturday Night Live” gets the summer off but “Weekend Update” will keep the political satire coming in prime-time. NBC said Tuesday, March 14, 2017, that four episodes of “Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update” will air at 9 p.m. Thursday starting Aug. 10 . (Will Heath/NBC via AP)


There are just some stories that hit close to home. That grab you by the throat and demand you listen to them. And however you twist and turn, you can’t shake them.

They’re stories that humble and remind us of something we might have forgotten — when life gets hard, we can’t handle everything ourselves.

This is one of those stories.

About three weeks ago, my life was in turmoil. Having depleted unemployment insurance and the paltry pay from some temp jobs,  after a 2018 lay-off, I didn’t know where my rent was going to come from. And the first of the month was days away.

But that turmoil was short-lived. Fortunately, some good friends swung into action and did what some Christians call “stepping into the gap.” Without telling me, they pulled together a Go Fund Me campaign. And it raised much more than I needed… within 24 hours. As a result, my rent was only one day late. A miracle!

So many stories in the time of the Wuhan coronavirus have highlighted the positive actions people have taken to lighten the burden for others.

And another story gripped me last night. Here’s how it started:

Just over a week ago, CNN host Jake Tapper shared the news that comedian and SNL “Weekend Update” co-anchor, Michael Che’s grandma has passed due to complications of coronavirus:


Che even found a way to work his grandmother’s passing into a skit on this week’s show.

But now, the comedian has truly reached out in a big way:

That’s right. Che is paying the rent of all 160 of his late grandmother’s neighbors.

Especially right now, when we can find hundreds of stories about gloom and doom, it never hurts to see positive stories like these.


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