North Korean Nuclear Bomb Response: Stop the Iran Deal


President Obama seemed hardly concerned after the recent North Korean test of a nuclear weapon–which was claimed as a hydrogen bomb, and he took little non-rhetorical action beyond flying a single B-52 over South Korea.


The President took no action which would make the North Koreans change their mind about building a nuclear and missile arsenal, nor any action which might scare the Chinese enough to seal their border with North Korea which would bankrupt the regime and spark a revolution within.

The most effective first response to this nuclear test would be to cancel the Iran deal and stop the pending transfer of up to $150 billion to the regime and keep in effect all current sanctions.

Why Iran?

Because the two rogue nations work together closely on nuclear weapons and ICBM development.

For example, Iran’s Shahab medium-range missile is based on North Korea’s Nodong missile.

Iran’s main opposition movement revealed that “a seven-member North Korean delegation, comprised of experts in nuclear warhead design and various parts of ballistic missiles including guidance systems, spent the last week of April in Iran. This was the third such nuclear and missile team to visit Iran in 2015. The next delegation is scheduled to secretly arrive in Iran in June and will be comprised of nine experts, according to the same MEK sources.”

What can Iran’s $150 billion buy?

According to the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization, the Manhattan Project employed more than 130,000 people and cost nearly $2 billion (equivalent to $23 billion in 2007 dollars).

The U.S. MX (Peacekeeper) ICBM cost an estimated $20 billion and produced 114 missiles.

Therefore the $150 billion gift could finance nuclear weapons and ICBM factories and an arsenal of bombs and missiles in each rogue nation–with plenty left over for conventional weapons and support for terrorist groups.


The result of Iran’s cooperation with North Korea is that some of the $150 billion will end up in or benefit North Korea’s arsenal. The linked reports show some of North Korea’s nuclear and missile research and development may in fact be performed in Iran. Perhaps the latest North Korean nuclear test was a test of an Iranian or joint venture weapon.

Simply, North Korea’s nuclear bombs are Iran’s nuclear bombs, and Iran’s are North Korea’s. North Korea’s ICBMs are Iran’s ICBMs, and Iran’s are North Korea’s. To stop one, both must be stopped. To fund one is to fund the other.

President Obama must not strike a huge blow against non-proliferation by awarding $150 billion to the nuclear weapon and ICBM joint venture between North Korea and Iran.

Mr. President: cancel the deal, keep the sanctions, and especially do not give Iran and by extension North Korea the $150 billion. Do not make your legacy the creation of massive nuclear arsenals by the two nations most likely to use them to carry out their repeated promises to destroy the United States.


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