Comey Book Confirms Hillary Was Under Criminal Investigation Despite Her Lies To The Contrary

Read or watch the news, scour social media or listen in on casual conversation and you’ll undoubtedly see some reference to Donald Trump as a serial liar. It’s not untrue, and Trump makes it worse by lying about otherwise mundane issues. Still, politicians lying is not groundbreaking news. It happens.


That said, when it comes to lying without shame, it’s almost impossible to beat Bill and Hillary Clinton in that category. Trump’s motivations for lying always revolve around him looking bad to the public. He’s only concerned about having a “loser” label affixed to him. The Clintons on the other hand, lie strategically. And they’re good at it, and they know they’re good at it. Bill and Hillary are both talented attorneys and know how to parse language with the best of them. They’re at their best when attempting to convince the public they’re innocent victims of a nefarious conservative plot to take them down.

A shining example comes out of James Comey’s book. Interestingly enough, the story appears in The New York Times, the same news organization that cowered in the face of Clinton campaign protests about a story they wrote in 2015:

James B. Comey, the former F.B.I. director, confirms in his new book that the bureau had already begun a criminal investigation focused on Hillary Clinton’s handling of her email in 2015 when her campaign and its allies excoriated journalists for reporting that such an inquiry was being contemplated.

The New York Times reported in July 2015 that two inspectors general had made a criminal referral to the Justice Department recommending an investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton had mishandled sensitive information by using a private email server as secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, relying on a statement from President Obama’s Justice Department, complained vigorously to The Times, resulting in two corrections to the article.

The corrections said that the inspectors general had made a “security referral” rather than a “criminal referral” and that the referral did not request that Mrs. Clinton specifically be investigated. Mrs. Clinton’s campaign called the article an “erroneous story” with “egregious” errors that misled voters into thinking that she was at risk of being investigated by the F.B.I. for possible criminal violations when the referral was a more routine security matter not focused on her in particular. Critics of the news media, including the public editor of The Times, agreed.


Naturally, there is a “but” that follows:

But in “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” his memoir that is scheduled for release next week, Mr. Comey said the word-parsing by Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the Justice Department was actually misleading because the F.B.I. was already conducting a criminal investigation focused on Mrs. Clinton by that point.

“Though The Times may have thought those clarifications were necessary, their original story was much closer to the mark,” Mr. Comey wrote. “It was true that the transmission to the F.B.I. from the inspector general did not use the word ‘criminal,’ but by the time of the news story, we had a full criminal investigation open, focused on the secretary’s conduct.”

There you have it. That’s the kind of lying Hillary Clinton engages in. It’s really not all that different from her statements about sending and receiving classified material over an unsecured email server. Here is what she said:

I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.

It is a carefully parsed statement. Notice how she uses the present tense to describe the lack of classified material. It’s a pointless comment considering she made it two years after stepping down as Secretary of State. Of course, there wouldn’t be any classified material at the time she said it.

Hopefully, Hillary’s failed presidential campaign is the last we see of the Clinton family attempting to run for public office. It goes to show what a poor candidate she was that she lost to an upstart nobody Senator in 2008 and to the worst possible choice made by GOP primary voters in 2016.


Comey gets the last word on Hillary and that’s a good thing. Good riddance.


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