The Cohen Raid and Comey Book Could Bring About the Perfect Trump Storm

Donald Trump is the kind of person who believes anything negative related to him is a personal vendetta.

This goes back to the days before Trump became a reality television star and was doing half-assed work as a real estate developer and failed casino owner. Trump worked the city tabloids — The New York Post and The Daily News — like both were personal blotters. He got his side of the story out, leaking to reporters and claiming any negative news reported about him was personal.


Nothing has changed since Donald Trump became president. With skin as thin as tissue paper and the inability to control his impulses, Twitter stands out as the tool Trump uses to express his outrage. At a time when Trump feels unencumbered to say what he wants, the raid of Michael Cohen’s office and the release of James Comey’s book on April 17th, the environment will be ripe for President Trump to have an all-out Twitter battle royale with his perceived enemies.

When first written about yesterday, we got a glimpse of just how angry Trump is about the news of the Cohen raid. He claimed it was a “break-in,” called it a “disgrace” as well as an “attack on our country.” He referred to the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.” He attacked the investigators as “biased” and said they have “conflicts of interest.” He said “just about all” of Mueller’s team consists of Democrats who are just out to get him because of politics. He attacked Jeff Sessions — again — for recusing himself.

All of that rhetoric in the span of a few minutes. 


If anybody had doubt yesterday’s events would gnaw at Trump, those doubts disappeared as Trump took to Twitter already this morning:

And that is just the beginning.

Next week, James Comey’s book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, will be released. The publisher managed to keep the contents of the book under wraps. It doesn’t appear as if advance copies have been sent out and no advance excerpts exist. It was noted yesterday no strategy exists within the White House to deal with the contents of the book.

What that means is, when it does drop, Comey’s biggest bombs about Trump will get all the coverage. Unlike Michael Wolff, Comey has a much better reputation. Comey may have an issue with hubris, but only the most rabid partisans think Trump has more credibility than the former head of the FBI.

And President Trump will go off the rails.

What Trump defenders hilariously continue to miss is this all came about because the president, in a foolish move, fired James Comey in 2017. Against the advice of nearly everybody around him save for Jared Kushner, Trump initiated the very investigation that he decries on a daily basis.


It appears that John Kelly’s influence no longer matters. Trump is huddling again with bozos like Corey Lewandowski and made the big mistake of standing by Michael Cohen. Cohen is a fixer, nothing more. The moment Trump got into the race, he should have made Cohen take a back seat. Instead, he allowed Cohen to remain and play a primary role. Now, the chickens may come home to roost.

And Trump has nobody to blame but himself.


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