March for Our Lives Kids Will Be Disappointed When an Assault Weapons Ban Doesn't Materialize

Being a teenager comes with disappointments but also with a whole hell of a lot of open-mindednesses, particularly when it comes to the future. Unfortunately, being a teen also means having lofty goals and aspirations. Sometimes those goals are not realistic, and it’s up to parents to talk to those kids and share with them their experiences, so they’re not  left wondering, “Where did everything go wrong?”


Currently, there are too many adults lying to kids who formed the ‘March For Our Lives’ protests around the country on March 24. The adults lying to these kids include members of the mainstream media, politicians and advocacy groups such as Everytown For Gun Safety. They’re lying to them because they’ve convinced these kids their passion will be enough to force Congress and the President to pass more gun laws.

The reality is, that’s not likely to happen, and politicians will not pay the price at the ballot box. The debate over the Second Amendment is one the left pretty much lost. A recent NBC poll revealed nearly 60 percent of Americans think gun ownership increases safety. People will try to note the NRA has lower favorable ratings than ever before but that’s bound to happen when the media just parrots people blaming the NRA for the Parkland school shooting as opposed to Nikolas Cruz.

The gun legislation that made its way into the omnibus spending package is likely the farthest Congress will go on the subject. The reality is, members of Congress who support the Second Amendment and get A ratings from the NRA are likely not to lose in their districts and particularly at the statewide level. Contrary to the notion of people like David Hogg who claims the NRA “owns” these members of Congress, the members in question have a constituency who agree with them on guns.


Harry Enten has an interesting piece where he discusses the unlikely chance members of Congress will suffer at the ballot box for opposing more gun control:

In the face of this public outcry and with many voters telling pollsters it’s going to be an important or major factor for them in the upcoming midterm elections, the Republican-led Congress and the Republican President have done very little to enact stricter gun control.

So what’s the disconnect? There’s no obvious sign the public is actually punishing President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans for their inaction.

It is a critical point. Talking heads and pundits like Joe Scarborough for example, cannot stop blathering about the “90 percent of Americans who support universal background checks!” They refuse to take into account that just because something polls well, doesn’t mean people will react with the kind of zeal that gets them out to vote for a candidate’s opponent.

Now those same pundits are hoping that thousands of teenagers will carry the day for them. They get on television and say, “This is a movement that won’t get stopped.” They’re lying to these kids.


That assault weapons ban some people so badly want to pass? It’s not happening. And members of Congress who vote against it will not lose. People should tell these kids the truth. They’re going to be disappointed and it’s going to be worse when they come to the realization that people like Shannon Watts and Charles Schumer were blowing smoke up their rear ends.


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