Trump's Unhinged Twitter Sunday Morning

There are two schools of thought regarding President Trump’s recent Twitter outbursts following the termination of Andrew McCabe. One is Trump is nervous about what Robert Mueller has in the works and whether or not he has anything on Trump himself. The other (and more likely scenario) is Trump believes the pressure he put on Jeff Sessions worked and now he’s going to try and get Mueller fired and James Comey, prosecuted.


Trump went after Mueller’s investigation yesterday, and this morning, after a heaping plate of Fox and Friends, Trump took to Twitter and let loose:

The tweet about McCabe is funny. FBI guys are not stenographers who make notes during a meeting. They do so immediately after the fact, using their recollection to form the basis for what they write down, not “at a later date” like Trump suggests. All in all, he’s attempting to smear McCabe and Trumpistas will likely follow suit because that’s just what they do.


Trump then whipped out this nonsense:

It is one of the more lame attacks against Robert Mueller. Because his team has people who donated Hillary Clinton, they apparently cannot do their jobs efficiently and fairly. The “Hillary donors” smear doesn’t take into account the people on Mueller’s team are there because they’re pros, not because of a political agenda. Mueller is, after all, a Republican, appointed to his position as FBI director by a Republican (GWB).

Whatever good Trump thinks he’s doing by engaging in his buffoonery, the people cringing are his attorneys and other Republicans. Trump’s attorneys won’t speak publicly about what Trump tweets and they won’t get him to stop, so they just have to keep their heads down and do their best. Republican legislators, on the other hand, should do better than just to pay lip service. Unfortunately, as in the past, they’ll issue some general statement saying they don’t “agree” with the President but stop short of the slightest condemnation.


Watching people like Lindsey Graham, once one of the most prominent Trump critics, now kiss the ring on every occasion, is pathetic. If President Obama did the same, the impeachment papers would get readied in days.


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