Feeling Emboldened, Trump Takes To Twitter To Direct His Ire At Robert Mueller

Andrew McCabe got fired, and President Trump believes that’s enough for him to get cocky over the Russia investigation. It’s not just Trump. Trump’s lawyer, John Dowd told The Daily Beast it was time for the Mueller probe to end based on McCabe’s termination.


Trump started his diatribe last night, not long after McCabe’s firing, covering the usual ground he’s been yelling about since forever. But his latest tweet takes direct aim at Robert Mueller. In fact, it’s the first time Trump mentioned Mueller by name. I suspect it will not be the last. His tweet:

Kudos to the president for successfully threading a tweet. According to Maggie Haberman, Trump doesn’t have any events today, and as such, he’s left alone to his thoughts, making his tweets more “interesting.”


The problem for Trump is that Robert Mueller won’t be cowed. He was in charge of the criminal division at the FBI that prosecuted John Gotti. Mueller is also a decorated Marine and Vietnam War veteran. He’s going to do his job until he’s finished or he’s removed from the position.

And that’s where Trump may trip himself up. He’s convinced the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt and he likely believes shutting it down, even by ordering Mueller fired, would be an appropriate cause of action.

This first Mueller tweet won’t be the last. The question is, where does it end?


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