Hillary Clinton Cannot Get Over the Fact That She Lost, and It's a Terrible Look

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Election losses are not easy to accept, especially when a candidate believes they’re going to win or the people around the candidate convinced them they’d win.


In 2012, reporting suggested Mitt Romney was shocked he did not win the election. People around him assured him he had the numbers and their GOTV operation worked. It didn’t.

Fast forward to 2016 and Hillary Clinton. People convinced Hillary she’d win and she too was shocked when she didn’t. The difference between Romney and Clinton, however, is that he got over it. She hasn’t.

As Susan pointed out, there’s a video of Hillary at some conference, blathering about the “forward-looking” areas where she won. All the states that chose Donald Trump are the backward states who don’t like black people, Indian-Americans, women and blah blah blah blah blah.

It’s a tedious exercise. The election of 2016 was nearly 18 months ago. The time has come to let it go. But Hillary knows she has her Resistance Army. Angry voters convinced with zero doubt that Trump stole the election with the help of Vladimir Putin whose operatives rigged voting machines in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

So when Hillary performs such as she did here, those people are thrilled, and it keeps their “Impeach Trump!” juices flowing.

At some point, however, the question must be asked by her supporters: What good does all of it do and what purpose does it serve?

No matter what they believe or how much they hope, the smoking gun showing Vladimir Putin cooked the books for Trump will never show up. He will not get impeached as long as Republicans control Congress.


In the meantime, Hillary, who still has tremendous amounts of influence, would be better served using that influence for something constructive instead of reliving the 2016 election over and over again. People want to plant the flag of misogyny at the feet of those who say Hillary comes off as bitter when she complains about her loss, but what other way is there to describe it?

For all of the blathering about the Russians, people don’t want to accept the fact that Hillary is a lousy candidate who ran a horrible campaign filled with people who were more interested in maintaining their access to her instead of doing what was needed to do to help her win. She didn’t lose by much. But she still lost.

The two elections she won were gimmes. She carpet-bagged her way to an easy Senate win in New York and used her re-election campaign in 2006 as a means of launching what everybody knew would be a presidential bid. She lost to the upstart amateur from Illinois and eight years later, blew what should have been a relatively easy win to a dim-witted reality show bloviator.

Get over it, Hillary. You lost.




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