Mona Charen Calling Out Trump Was A Welcome Respite From All of The CPAC Slobbering

The crowd cheers as President Donald Trump speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), at National Harbor, Md., Friday, Feb. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Some conservatives routinely criticize Donald Trump and with good reason. Yes, he signed tax cut legislation and appointed conservative judges (thanks to The Federalist Society telling him who to nominate) but there is plenty to criticize, and that should be fair game.


At CPAC this year, such criticism was not allowed and based on speakers such as David Clarke, Sebastian Gorka, Nigel Farage and Marion Le Pen, it was apparent the event would mostly be TrumpPAC. But then Mona Charen came along and changed everything.

Some people in the conservative movement haven’t sold their souls hoping to get a Fox News contract or appearances on OANN. Many conservatives take the “wait and see” approach to what Trump does, and yes, there is a faction who will never credit Trump for anything. But it’s the first group along with the original Trumpers who descended upon CPAC, ready to play “Hail To The King.” Charen had other plans, and that dog just wasn’t going to hunt.

Watch this video as Charen does three things: She calls out Trump, Roy Moore and the despicable decision to invite Le Pen:

On Le Pen, Charen said, “The fact that CPAC invited her is a disgrace.”

She’s right! What she said about Trump and Roy Moore is right, too.

Seriously people, what kind of rationale does one have for defending Roy Moore? And Charen is right about Le Pen’s grandfather. He was a Nazi, and Marion Le Pen claims him and supports him. Trump has bragged about his female conquests. He has bragged about being a serial philanderer. It wasn’t just a handful of women who have made allegations about Trump. It was fifteen women. Trump shacked up with a porn actress while his wife was pregnant and his personal Roy Cohn, Michael Cohen, paid her $130,000 not to talk about the affair.


If Trump were a Democrat, Republicans would pillory he him every single day. But Charen is right. Trump has an ‘R’ next to his name, and that’s enough to absolve him. What did Mona Charen get for her trouble? According to multiple sources, a three-person security detail escorted her out of the building. 

The problem is, as it was with Barack Obama, any criticism of Trump gets met with immediate derision. It’s not enough to disagree. For Obama-bots, they’d argue criticism was almost always about race. For Trump, criticism or accusations bring about shouts of, “Liar!” or “Fake news!” They can’t rationally defend Trump and why not? He can’t intelligently defend himself. Trump, like Obama, never takes responsibility when proven wrong. Trump points the finger of blame at other people or just makes stuff as he goes along.

For somebody such as Mona Charen, she sees the excuse making and apologia as mostly hypocritical and on that mark, she’s 100 percent right. That’s not to be booed or shouted down.

That kind of character should be admired.


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