Another Day, Another Hollywood Liberal Loses It Over Trump

President Trump does enough on his own to merit criticism. His penchant for watching and tweeting out the latest on Fox and Friends, as well as his inability to suck it up when criticized, hurts him. His supporters won’t admit it, but they know it’s true.


However, lefties in Hollywood go so far overboard with their histrionics, as it relates to Trump, that they make him appear sympathetic. People complain that Trump makes everything about him, but the same people show their rear ends when they make something about Trump that has nothing at all to do with the man.

Take today’s crazy Hawaii missile launch alert. Many freaked out, and with good reason. If told, “There is a ballistic missile headed this way, and it’s not a drill,” most would likely believe it is happening. People rely on these emergency services for that very reason.

Thankfully, it was a false alarm.

But that didn’t stop actress Jamie Lee Curtis from lashing out at Donald Trump:


All news reports say the same thing: It was user error. There was never a threat of a launch, and it’s absurd to blame President Trump. It’s not as though warnings claiming it’s not a drill were added after Trump took office.

Curtis’s tweet just reads like others when people have blamed Trump for something entirely out of his control.

Here’s the completely unfunny Chelsea Handler blaming Trump for wildfires:

Actress Jennifer Lawrence blamed President Trump for the many hurricanes in 2017:

“You know, you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard, especially while promoting this movie, not to feel Mother Nature’s rage and wrath,” she told the channel. She believes this “rage and wrath” is in response to the election, which she described as “really startling.”


This kind of buffoonery only emboldens Trump’s locked-in base voters, and makes other Republicans who may otherwise criticize him, express some sympathy and defend him over such allegations.

It is not all that different from when a small subsection of conservatives would tweet or put on Facebook every crazy conspiracy they could think of involving Barack Obama.

People on the fence about what they thought about Obama would be swayed in the opposite direction by those screaming he was involved in a plot to “destroy the country.”

Trump does enough to cause himself harm. But the people who might be willing to listen to valid criticism will get driven away by the unhinged nonsense. And people in the entertainment industry are leading the way.


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