Supposed 'Data Guy' Nate Silver Getting Close to Going #ImWithHer on Hillary Clinton

It is always amusing to read the manifest sadness exhibited by journalists upset by the fact Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 presidential election. Many of them thought her victory was secured. That it wasn’t, in fact, an election, but a coronation. After all, her campaign believed the same thing. They were convinced of big wins in the midwest and didn’t bother campaigning in three states Hillary eventually lost – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennslyvania.


Of course, the same journalists play down their role in helping Trump get the nomination. You see how journalists, especially those on television react to Trump’s tweets or statements while he’s President? Everything is an outrage. They look super-duper concerned, shake their heads and wonder aloud how anybody could continue to support Trump, the demagogue.

I suppose it’s what makes people such as Nate Silver tweet something like this:

The reference has to do with some tweets thrown out by Donald Trump where the press reacted just as I described. Jake Tapper hosted a special edition of ‘The Lead’ on CNN to discuss the Trump tweets.

Silver, like many others, now take the position that Hillary Clinton’s email “scandal” wasn’t much of a scandal at all and if they’d been fairer to her, she’d likely have won.


Just chalk that up as another stupid excuse by the press to cover for their failures. The same media that offers up the sad head-shaking responses to Trump, laughed and snickered at the same behavior in 2015 and into the early part of 2016.

Remember Mr. Resistance himself, Joe Scarborough? Remember how he lectured anti-Trump conservatives for telling people Trump was conning them? Joe would wax poetic about his brother George, the Trump supporter. I’m paraphrasing, but Joe would lecture people saying, “My brother George is an educated man, and he supports Trump. You people need to realize how much support he has among smart people.”

Of course, everybody warned that once Trump got the nomination, they’d turn on him fast, which they did. All of the news shows on CNN, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC which were happy to have Trump on as a guest (often via phone) suddenly stopped having him on and instead of allowing him to spout whatever nonsense he wanted from his telephone began to question his integrity. It was a stunning turnaround.

Now Nate Silver wants people to believe the press looking into Hillary’s emails caused her to lose the election. It wasn’t her lying that did it. It wasn’t her potential criminality that did it. It wasn’t her brazen, “Even if it’s true, who cares?” attitude that did it. No, it was the press supposedly acting as if a “nothing” story was the end of the world. What a crock.


Like it or not, Silver is part of the mainstream press. This kind of tweet outs him as a partisan. That’s a good thing. Now we know the real reason why he thinks James Comey lost Hillary the election.




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