Jake Tapper Eviscerates UN Over Condemnation of Israeli Embassy Move to Jerusalem

It is hard to imagine something more ironic than despotic regimes such as North Korea, lambasting the United States and Israel over human rights and disrupting peace. It’s like a serial killer giving lectures on manners.


But it is the United Nations. The same organization that routinely plays the apologist for despots and thugs as well as socialism and communism. Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East, is a constant target of verbal diarrhea served up by two-bit representatives of garbage regimes.

It happened again, with the knuckle-dragging creeps at the United Nations putting forth a resolution condemning the United States for moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem.

Jake Tapper of CNN watched the buffoonery unfold, and he had something to say. Did he ever. Watch this:

Score one for great journalism. Note that Tapper does not take sides. He merely calls out countries who have no business criticizing the United States about anything, particularly human rights.

More of this, please.


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