Watch Jimmy Kimmel Prove He's Just As Stupid About Net Neutrality As He Is About Healthcare

For somebody who felt he didn’t have the “moral conscience” to opine about Harvey Weinstein, Jimmy Kimmel sure doesn’t mind flapping his gums about everything else. His show primarily revolves around the Hollywood culture, yet he claims he can’t speak with authority about predators like Weinstein. However, with almost zero knowledge of how healthcare works in this country, he uses his show as a platform to project his ignorance and tears to millions.


That’s not enough, apparently, because now Kimmel decided he wants to take on the FCC, its chairman, Ajit Pai and net neutrality. The following video is only 90 seconds long but in it, Kimmel shows just how quickly he can blather about something and get it completely wrong:

The FCC did something absolutely despicable today. They voted to put an end to net neutrality. Now, this is the rule that says everyone gets equal access to the internet — a big company or somebody selling crocheted owls from their house in the midwest.

Actually, Jimbo, that’s not what net neutrality is about at all. Grandma Memma will still be able to sell her crocheted owls and her “access to the internet” won’t be affected at all by the rule change.

Kimmel goes on to talk about how slowing down or blocking traffic to certain sites benefits “the big telecom companies” and “does the opposite for all of us.”

Allow me to explain since Jimmy is too dumb. The fear is a cable company such as Comcast (which owns NBC) will go to CBS and say, “If you want your content streamed over our networks, you’ll have to pay more.” As such, CBS will turn around and charge $59.99 a month for CBS All Access instead of the current $5.99 a month. Of course, these dire warnings go back to 2003 when Tim Wu, a Columbia University Professor coined the term.



And in twelve years of fussing, not a single incident took place (and no, the Comcast/Netflix dustup was not about speed) but the urgency to put the rules in place never went away. Supporters point to issues related to mobile carriers which do not apply but that’s because they just parrot whatever they’re told.

Kimmel finally says:

Thanks to you and this jackhole you appointed to run the FCC, big corporations about to take over the internet.

You mean big corporations like Google and Facebook? No, wait. They support net neutrality. Which is amazing since they engage in the very same practices they claim ISP’s will engage in without net neutrality rules.

Let’s go back to Grandma Memma and her crocheted owls. Let’s say she starts a website to sell her stuff. She gets it all together and makes sure she adds her site to Google’s engine so that her site can be crawled and it will show up in search engine results. Great, right? But wait a moment. What if JC Penney for example, decides they want to sell the same kind of owls. JC Penney will pay money to Google to make sure their results show up first. That’s terrible, isn’t it? How dare Google profit from search engine results! Shouldn’t the internet be equal for all?


The same goes for Facebook. Grandma Memma’s Facebook page could have 25,000 likes but her posts designed to get people to buy her products will never see the light of day (ie, show up in feeds) unless she pays for the privilege. Something the “big corporations” Kimmel supposedly loathes, can easily afford.

Stick to comedy, Jimmy. Your old sidekick, Adam Carolla is still better at it but he doesn’t embarrass himself when he wades into politics, like you.


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