You Don't Have To Back Roy Moore in Alabama But You Also Don't Have To Support Doug Jones

It is hard to imagine a more embarrassing spectacle for the Republican Party than watching the Senate election in Alabama unfold. Roy Moore was unfit for office before a bevy of accusations came forth about his proclivity for chasing teenage girls surfaced.


The situation is naturally leading to some people making decisions that defy any logic. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake sent $100 to Democratic candidate Doug Jones and announced “country over party” in doing so. Others have called upon Republicans to set aside “politics” and vote for Doug Jones so that a “pedophile” doesn’t get into the United States Senate.

Aside from Moore’s fixation on women under the age of 18, his praising of Vladimir Putin and his reprehensible views on religion and the first amendment, make him a God-awful choice for the Republican Party. Luther Strange, while not exactly lighting the world on fire is a steady Republican hand in the United States Senate, and one has to wonder what in bloody hell the voters of Alabama thought when they decided he wasn’t good enough.

Whatever the case may be, no reason exists to vote for Doug Jones. The notion that staying home “is not good enough” comes only from Democrats who want to shame you into voting for their guy. But why on earth would people vote for the person who upholds ideals and supports policies that are a 180-degree departure from their own? That’s crazy talk.


Doug Jones is a liberal. And yes, a Democrat winning in Alabama would be a significant setback for the GOP in advancing a legislative agenda in Congress.

Well, that’s too bad. 

Too many Republicans have made their bed, and now they have to lie in it. Of course, Moore could still win which means Republicans would have the votes they need but would also have to answer for every goofball thing Moore ever said and will have to answer questions regarding the accusations over Moore’s dark past.

That said, don’t allow yourself to be bullied into a voting for a liberal Democrat. It’s not necessary. Stay home if you have to. But don’t sacrifice your ideals for political expediency.



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