From 2007 to 2009, Joy Reid Claimed Charlie Crist Was Gay and Tried To Out Him

Maybe Joy Reid’s view on homosexuality “evolved” over time as Barack Obama did with gay marriage. Her constant tut-tutting about tolerance and likening most conservatives to screeching bigots comes off more like projection when you read some of the blog posts she wrote before becoming a player on MSNBC.


Somebody unearthed her posts using the Wayback Machine and what the guy dug up were Reid’s posts about Charlie Crist. There was talk that John McCain might ask him to be his running mate. Crist was a still a Republican at the time and relatively popular in the state of Florida. The thought was he would help deliver that crucial state to McCain.

What follows are a series of tweets that really cast Reid in an ugly light. The question is whether or not the press picks up on this and asks about it:



Now, remember, the left justifies this nonsense by falling back on the claim of “hypocrisy.” They’ll say Crist was a Republican and his policies were anti-gay and therefore, he wasn’t being “true” to himself by pretending he’s straight.

Except that’s not up to Reid or other liberals to decide and her derogatory remarks about Crist at the time, demand an explanation, if not an apology.


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