Guess Which Failed Presidential Candidate Tried to Take Credit for Democratic Wins Last Night?

It is hard to fathom a person exists so full of their self-importance, yet so lacking in self-awareness, they can take credit for something that had nothing to do with them.


No, I am not talking about Donald Trump (this time). It’s Hillary Clinton and her latest attempt at relevance is rather funny. Remember for a moment that Hillary’s timeline from the time Bill was in his last year as President to her current situation started with her carpetbagging her way to a Senate win in New York in 2000.

From there it was her first failed presidential run. Then it was her disastrous turn as Secretary of State and culminating with another failed attempt to get elected president. Remember when she refused to answer a question about the Keystone pipeline saying, “If it’s undecided when I become president, I will answer your question.”

When she becomes president.

For her, it was not an election as pointed out before. She believed it to be a coronation, especially against Donald Trump. So on election even 2017, the Democrats have a great night and look at what Hillary tweeted:


She’s delusional if she thinks she had anything to do with the Democrats gains last night.

Here is a wake-up call for Hillary, her rabid supporters and anybody who else who buys into her nonsense. Hillary did help the Democrats last night.

By losing to Donald Trump a year ago. 

That’s right. Assuming Hillary Clinton had a seat at the desk in the Oval Office, we likely wouldn’t have seen that drubbing last night. Why? She’s almost as unlikable as Donald Trump. Don’t let her fool you.

Donald Trump was more responsible for the Democratic gains than Hillary Clinton. Don’t let her fool you.


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