Trump Campaign Tripping over their Shoelaces in Colorado Today

Colorado for Cruz

Colorado Republicans are cheering anti-Trump today and carrying around Cruz-brooms in anticipation of a 13-delegate sweep today after grabbing the first 21 delegates the last couple of days. The likelihood of Cruz completing the sweep is increasing, as Trump’s people are screwing up their delegate fliers which tell their people how to vote.

Trump’s folks are passing out fliers with a Cruz delegate on them:

And Trump’s fliers have the wrong delegate numbers for the names on their list, which will make it very difficult to vote, since the actual ballots will only have numbers, not names:

Lots of problems for the Trump Keystone Cops crew:

The Cruz-brooms are out:

Fortunately for Trump, his folks have already given up before the voting even starts:

Trump might as well give up – when the crowd cheers #NeverTrump, you know it’s not going to be a good day:

Nice crowd shot:


[Update] By noon, Trump’s people had fixed their sample ballots. Well, kind of fixed them:

So, only 3 names & numbers of delegates wrong. Not quite so bad. Errrr…. make that 4:



[Update 2] Cruz finished speaking a short time ago, a normal stump speech with a lot of praise for Colorado Congressional Districts voting for his delegate slates. Reporters on-site say that the place looks like one big Cruz rally:

Some reporters feeling sorry for Trump delegates:

MSNBC chats with a Cruz delegate at the convention today:



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