Joe Biden Is Exhausted. So Is the Country. Our Rocky Road Toward Divorce.

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Given Joe Biden’s catastrophic debate performance, Democrats and their media pals are consumed now by imagining what can be, unburdened by what has been.

The president’s handlers are attempting to orchestrate a burst of presidential energy to counter evidence that President Gump has lost his mind. His eyes remain little black voids. But he’s back to shouting as proof of something.

Congressional Democrats, who are on the November ballot, too, are suddenly recalling episodes of Biden Muddle that anyone watching Biden has seen multiple times.

Some Dems are strolling briskly toward lifeboats, calling for the old man to give it up. Even some media outlets that have been gaslighting customers for years are saying he should shuffle aside.

Caught with their credibility down, most media predictably are acting like scorned lovers.

It’s such a worrisome mess the country needs a dose of Pepcid, the big ones. And that explains why the most popular movies this holiday weekend are a pair of cartoons, each offering more than 95 minutes of escape.

Sen. Kamala Harris did not electrify crowds or anyone during her brief primary run for president in 2019. She dropped out after Tulsi Gabbard's debate drubbing before any voting.

Now as vice president, Harris is better known for her inimitable word salads and her job approval that's usually lower than Biden’s. She recently told an LA fundraiser:

We know what can happen and what is possible when we collectively have the ability to see what can be unburdened by what has been.

Harris is the most prominent victim of DEI who's been promoted far beyond her level of incompetence. She declares her presidential partner is as sharp as ever. She hopes you don't parse that phrasing too closely. 

Oh, also, reports leaked that she's considering candidates for her own vice-presidential partner. You know, in the event that things work out for her again but not for the Big Guy she lunched with Thursday, who foisted her on the country.

Remember Nikki Haley predicted all along this would happen.

After 41 months of Biden fables and lies, even Axios now admits he has a “credibility crisis.”

Uncharacteristically, Donald Trump has been laying low to avoid distracting from the Democrat implosion.

Admittedly, the uproar is entertaining, like watching hordes of ants in a disturbed Washington anthill scurry about, hiding the eggs, and yelling silently.

The damage of Joe's bomb to Jill Biden's ambitions is possibly beyond repair. His debate confirmed existing suspicions, always devastating and indelible. Now, everyone is primed to note each presidential tic, sneeze, nod, or mumble. They will pile up.

And this week's NATO Summit in D.C., coming after the G-7 and D-Day embarrassments, offers bounteous opportunities for that.

No one can tell yet how this massive mess of self-delusion will end. Or if it ever will. Never underestimate the ability of our self-important, elected D.C. officials to screw things up by the standards of ordinary Americans.

And never underestimate the ability of ordinary Americans to fixate on some issue like this saturating media for a brief time and then, blithely, move on to a fresh new episode of spectator outrage.

So, let’s take stock of where things stand now and where they might go. There are roughly 174,000 minutes until Election Day.

For his part, Joe Biden says he’s ignoring all the calls to quit and all the evidence that he should, vowing loudly to stay in the race.

This is what he shouted Friday in Wisconsin:

Guess what, they’re trying to push me out of the race. Let me say this as clear as I can. I'm staying in the race. (Cheers) I will beat Donald Trump. i will beat him again in 2020. (Cheers)

Then, Biden’s unreliable Gaffe Sensor, which has failed him so often in recent months, sparked for a second inside that 81-year-old brain. He added, as a desperate cover: 

And by the way, we'll do it again in 2024.

Co-President Jill Biden aside, there's really no need for Joe Biden to step down by normal political standards. Not yet, anyway. 

What’s in it for Biden to quit the crisis now? There’s no impeachment threat like President Nixon had in Watergate. Only CYA noise by others blared all over by angry media stoking business in normally slow summer cycles.

Joe Biden is a stubborn SOB, full of pride and arrogance. His handlers are screening him from us. They’re surely screening him from the outside's holy furor, too. As long as he gets his dose of the married sycophants on “Morning Joe.”

With the Big Guy in office, everyone around Biden who's invested in the family’s consortium of suspicious shell companies with scores of numbered bank accounts is making out, well, like bandits. No whistleblowers yet, not with this totally-owned Justice Department. And if Joe wasn't president, fashion diva Jill would not make the cover of Vogue.

So who cares when a few piss-ant House Democrats from Nowhereville say Biden should resign? They’re simply worried about their own political butts this fall.

Have you noticed trouble in the Swamp has a way of blowing over if you hang in there a while and you’re a Democrat? Remember Benghazi, when four loyal Americans died at terrorist hands without help or rescue while Obama was AWOL and Biden was VP? No consequences for anyone. Solyndra, too. And the IRS scandal.

Or remember the nuclear Hollywood Access tape that Clinton backers saved for the 2016 October Surprise? Surely, that would destroy Donald Trump’s political career.

Neither Obama nor Trump panicked. They both rode those out just fine. Same, it seems, for the concocted felony charges against Trump. 

Even if Joe's “Where am I?” furor escalates, the Republican convention comes first this month with Trump’s despised face on the Milwaukee Jumbotron as the ominous reminder to Democrats of what’s at stake on Nov. 5. The bad debate grows more distant by the day.

The last couple of presidential elections — and likely this one, too – have been unusual in that Americans haven’t voted for a preferred candidate or incumbent. They’ve disliked one of them so much, they voted against him and blindly elected the other one. 

Bad things happen when the "winner" gets inadequate scrutiny. Think 1976 and Jimmy Carter. The nation developed buyer’s remorse then, and four years later opted for the Republican TV star and three consecutive terms of a GOP White House.

Biden’s developing physical and mental problems were there in 2019-20. He usually “campaigned” from his basement, for George Washington’s sake. He confused states, shouted angrily at “dog-faced pony soldier” questioners in town halls. And he knocked off work for the day by mid-morning. 

Everyone could see Trump working his ass off with two and three rallies a day in different states.

Anyone checking President Biden’s “work” schedule? Three-day weeks. One, maybe two events a day, wrap things up by 4:00 or 5:00. Always late for unexplained reasons. Taking 40 percent of his term off where visitors are not recorded. 

Biden can argue, accurately for a change, that millions of primary voters chose him. Of course, the primary process was totally rigged, with no debates. We now know why, don’t we?

But what party poobah, who owes his job to someone on Team Biden, is prepared to suggest throwing out all those party votes now and installing Biden’s dimwitted DEI insurance policy against just such a possibility?

Predictably, Biden and his team went into classic political defense. Stonewalling was out of the question since 55 million live viewers witnessed the dead man standing. And the bad memories of Trump have dimmed.

Admit, then qualify it. Biden had a bad night. He had a cold. Trump’s lying shocked him.

The latest excuse Biden himself offers is exhaustion. He tried that one again during an unconvincing interview on ABC News Friday night: "I was exhausted." I suspect that lame excuse will haunt Biden along the way. Who wants a president so easily incapacitated by fatigue?

The White House, which has dodged serious interviews all along, chose George Stephanopoulos as they did after Biden’s Afghan exit debacle. The ABC anchor was a senior aide who helped Bill Clinton survive his “bimbo eruption” in the 1992 campaign.

Biden’s excuse is he flew to Europe twice before the June 27 debate. Don’t think of that as four Atlantic crossings in an Economy middle seat with a crying baby behind.

Biden’s 747 has a comfy executive bedroom suite with bathroom, hot shower, full-time steward, and even a remote control for the curtains.

He was often late to events in Europe, early to leave, and inattentive when present.

Biden then made a quick transcontinental trip to LA for a major fundraiser where Obama had to lead him offstage.

But the posh travels ended nine days before the debate. He took two days’ rest at home. Then almost a week in the mountain woods at Camp David for debate prep, which was scheduled around his late risings and afternoon naps.

Judging by the debate results on CNN, that was insufficient rest. 

That disastrous early debate on CNN with Trump critics as moderators, no audience, split screens, and silent mics was all Joe Biden’s idea. Trump readily agreed to everything. Talk about karma!

Most Americans think of the presidency as a full-time job, sometimes punctuated by 3 a.m. crisis calls. Biden is going up against an adopted Republican who’s only 42 months younger but seems to thrive on five or six hours of sleep a night. Perhaps that explains his mean tweets.

So, I’m not sure that the incumbent Democrat claiming exhaustion 216 hours after that luxury travel ended is an effective excuse for being dazed and incoherent during 90 minutes on national TV. Biden says he just needs to go to bed earlier and not work so hard.

That sounds more like an effective ad to elect the other guy.



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