If Voters Were Only As Sharp As Joe Biden, They'd Agree the Economy Is Going Great

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Many years ago, there was a hilarious radio serial called "Chicken Man." In one episode, a reporter asked the dimwitted police chief, "Commissioner, how's crime going?"

And the city's top cop answered, "Crime? It's going great!"

I think of that (without laughing) every time I hear Joe Biden talk about how well the economy is doing under his inflationary leadership. It may be going great for Joe and Hunter and brother James, thanks to large incoming payments from abroad.

But for the rest of us who don't live in government housing with 24-hour servants, the president's empty boasts ring hollow — and insulting. Food prices are more than 20 percent higher than when Biden and a Democrat Congress began their $5 trillion in new spending and ignited the worst wave of inflation in four decades.

Biden's intentional smothering of our hard-won energy independence on ideological grounds has pushed gas prices to hover at historic highs. And voters are reminded of that every time they fill their tank.

There have been so many intentional acts by this Democrat that make no sense whatsoever unless the goal is to damage the nation he took an oath to defend. 

Biden quickly canceled controls that had kept the southern border in check. That's an act that has, up until now, admitted some 10 million illegal aliens and scattered them around the country where it would be hard to round them up for removal.

He willfully dismissed Pentagon advice on the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which ended with the death of 13 brave military volunteers and the abandonment of thousands of Americans and allies to the revenge of the victorious Taliban.

He spent $5 trillion in new money that ignited the inflation that still plagues American families. He allowed the Chinese spy balloon to complete its intelligence-gathering mission across the entire country. And many others.

Yet the 81-year-old man wants to stay in office until 2029 when he would be 86 or, failing that, leave us with Kamala Harris in charge at the White House.

That's what this week's audio commentary is about: the serious disconnect between what Joe Biden and his political posse are trying to sell and the economic reality that the rest of us are attempting to live with.

According to sympathetic media reports, the presidential race is close.

It shouldn't be.

Without making any prediction about the election outcome in November, this week's Sunday column examined the process, personalities, and preferences involved in Donald Trump's selection of a vice-presidential running mate.

It's intentionally a very publicized process as his campaign leaks possible picks one after another with two purposes: to keep Trump's name in the news as he's been tied up in a New York courtroom and as trial balloons to gather public reaction to each name.

The process is more important than usual because Trump has potentially only one four-year term left to serve. So, if the Republican ticket wins, his vice president would have a four-year head-start to win the party's nomination nod in 2028.

Of course, win or lose on this Nov. 5, there will be other competitors.

The most recent audio commentary was a little different. It involved a health tip that involves neither getting sweaty nor an expensive gym membership.



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