MOTR, Ep. 71: Joe Biden's Inexplicable and Disturbing Attitude Toward China

Joe Biden definitely has something going on with China. He’s been remarkably passive given the increasing power and aggressiveness of Beijing’s Communist leaders.

While the president makes nice to that vast land’s ruthless leaders, Americans have figured out that China is the United States’ greatest enemy. A new Gallup Poll finds half the country says that, with Russia a distant second as worst enemy, followed by North Korea and Iran.

Democrats think Russia is the United States’ greatest foe, which is funny since Barack Obama made fun of Mitt Romney for saying that in their election campaign.

Seventy-six percent of Republicans and 46 percent of independents regard China as the most serious threat. Only 30 percent of Democrats do.

It appears those Democrats are not paying attention or don’t want to. China’s navy concentrated in and around China has now surpassed the U.S. fleet with 340 vessels expected to increase to 400 by 2025. By comparison, the U.S. Navy has 300 ships scattered around the world and is scheduled to shrink to 294.

We could, of course, speculate that Joe Biden’s worrisome passivity and inattention toward the country that blithely floats spy balloons across the United States has some connection with the transfer of millions of dollars from interests there to Biden family members and their shell companies that Biden’s own Justice Department labeled “Suspicious Activity.”

Which also raises the question why Biden allowed the spy balloon’s electronic cargo the size of two semi-trucks to complete its trans-continental espionage journey and radio its findings back to China before shooting it down over the Atlantic.

Asked about those large money transfers from China being labeled suspicious, Joe Biden told a reporter, “That didn’t happen.” And the complicit DC media have taken Mr. Integrity at his word.

I don’t. And that’s the topic of my audio commentary this week.

The most recent audio commentary examines the damaging loss of American history in the minds of Americans, who rarely study it anymore.

If you don’t know the worth of something — anything, actually — it’s not really possible to muster the strength or will to defend it or fight for it. That’s the serious threat.

This week’s column examines the eternal debate over executions. Their number is declining nationally. I argue that some murderers — I detail some — commit such grievous homicides that they forfeit the right to live in a civil society.

ICYMI, another recent column detailed Joe Biden’s decision to ship cluster bombs to the Ukraine military. More than 100 countries have banned their use. Not the U.S.

They’re controversial because they are so good at their job, killing and mutilating people, weapons, and structures. The surprising thing about this decision was not the actual sharing of these weapons.

It was Biden’s blurting admission to the world that we were sending those munitions because our military is so short on other weapons, like the 155mm artillery shells in such heavy use there.

Another supply chain crisis. First, infant formula, other foods, medicines, and now artillery shells and anti-tank missiles. Biden added the useful information for our enemies that it will take at least two years to start rebuilding our supplies.

Mark your calendar in case China makes its move on Taiwan before we get our supplies restocked.


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