MOTR, Ep. 62: Who Knew the Antidote to High College Costs Was So Threatened?

Four-year colleges and universities have had it good for decades as the dominant factor in the nation’s post-high school education. And their exorbitant tuitions showed how much of a seller’s market college education has become.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the political pandering of Joe Biden to have Americans who had no college loans or those who paid them off provide financial relief to people who chose to take on unmanageable college loans.

But along came community colleges, two-year local institutions that created an alternative form of advanced education at a much more affordable price.

Well, it turns out most of those institutions that served millions over the years have fallen on hard times for a variety of interesting reasons. That’s what I examine in this week’s brief audio commentary, along with the implications of their dilemma.

RedState editors posted the most recent audio commentary, No. 61, outside the usual VIP paywall as 1) an example of the kind of in-depth reading those paid subscribers get for their modest monthly fees, and 2) as a warning about the dangers created by automakers deleting AM radios from their new electric models.

The post, Joe Biden’s Electric Cars Won’t Have AM Radios and That Can Have Deadly Consequences, attracted quite a bit of reader attention on our site and in other media that developed their own versions of this cautionary tale.

As a reminder, there is a special discount code — SAVEAMERICA — available here that lowers the monthly VIP subscription price to less than a Starbucks coffee. Tell ’em Andrew sent you.

This week’s Sunday column, now posted in the morning, examined how soiled the 2024 presidential campaign has become already. And there are still 76 weeks to go.

We’ve had some real characters as chief executive and some tawdry campaigns. But it’s hard to imagine any other of our 56 presidential elections with candidates so soiled as Joe Biden and Donald Trump, going in.

My RedState colleagues are scattered across the country and routinely produce the most amazing array of interesting posts.

The Durham Report on the phony Russiagate scandal designed to torpedo Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign produced compelling evidence. My tireless colleague Jennifer Van Laar devastates the willful, cooperative coverage mainstream media gave the fictitious charges.

Mike Miller notes how the New York Times and Washington Post have declined to return the Pulitzer Prizes they received for their outstanding coverage of the fictitious scandal, designed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

There’s a revealing post too about the fictitious quote that a Washington Post “reporter” made up to cover the incoherence of the mentally-challenged Sen John Fetterman.

You may recall in recent months copious coverage here, on Tucker Carlson’s show, and elsewhere of the active collusion by the Biden Administration, mainstream media, and social media to censor and suppress conservative media’s coverage of stories such as the corrupt contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and other stories they believe damage the liberal agenda.

Our Jeff Charles looks at the domestic news suppression and censorship of comedy and similar tactics employed by the communist regime in China. He finds disturbing parallels.

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See you back here next week for some audio commentary you might not expect.


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