MOTR, Ep. 34: Joe Biden's America Now Faces the Mother of All Shortages

Our president regularly recalls his long, happy career as an 18-wheel truck driver. So, no one should need to explain to him the devastating impact our country faces with the latest shortage during his administration:

Diesel fuel is now at a record low level of supply. This is more serious than you might think initially.

Nearly three-quarters of EVERYTHING shipped in the United States goes by truck. Trucks have diesel engines.

Never mind Biden’s baby food shortage. Computer chips. And all the other stuff that’s turning up in short supply the last two years. If diesel trucks can’t move, nothing moves. For the holidays and thereafter.

Here are my thoughts on that this week:

This week’s column sums up all the midterm election blather you’ve been subjected to the last few weeks. But not here.

The most recent short audio commentary addressed the creeping senility that has beset so much of our national leadership. It is very risky for those of us not yet in our 80s.

My RedState colleagues are right on top of election developments across the country for the midterm elections. Here. Here. And right here.

Then there is the most entertaining ongoing new story, the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk.

And this disturbing revelation by a left-leaning site that got access to secret documents showing the quiet conspiracy that’s been going on among Joe Biden, social media, and the mainstream media to suppress the many stories that reflect badly on His Elderly Goofiness all the way to his botched Afghan exit.

There is no way around it, ladies and gentlemen. This is actual fascism at work right here and right now.

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