So, the Suspicions Were True - Social Media and Biden Aides Met to Censor RedState and Others

You may have seen mention here and on other sites in recent months about the shadow-banning of conservative commentary by Big Tech. These strong suspicions came from anecdotal and statistical evidence.


Now, sadly, we have documentation that, in fact, there has been a concerted clandestine campaign going on behind the scenes by social media to limit the reach, influence, and revenue of conservative commentary on a wide range of topics deemed negative to the liberal agenda.

But wait! There’s more. The leaked documents confirming the organized suppression campaign were first published by The Intercept, not a conservative site.

Shockingly, they also revealed that representatives of Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets have been meeting regularly with officials of Biden’s Department of Homeland Security to receive government directions on what the Biden administration wanted suppressed.

Topics like the botched Afghan withdrawal and failed Biden policies.

“Direction,” thy name is censorship.

There was even a special Facebook portal where only certain government officials could flag posts in real-time for suppression.

My RedState colleague streiff wrote up all the leaked details here.

The concerted effort by the mainstream media to ignore and suppress the Hunter Biden laptop scandal is out in the open now. The New York Post published chapter and verse from the abandoned laptop of the president’s son in the fall of 2020.

This was during the presidential campaign when such sordid details on drug use and influence peddling within Joe Biden’s family would have been damaging to installing the “Big Guy” in the White House.


Mainstream media ignored the documentation, claiming it was Russian disinformation, the kind of alleged Russian disinformation the same media so eagerly lapped up in 2016 when it concerned Donald Trump.

Finally, two years later, with Biden ensconced in the White House a few days a week, The New York Times and Washington Post provided coverage of the laptop, which explains why the same mainstream media are striving so diligently now to ignore these new censorship revelations.

Remember the controversy about the administration’s Disinformation Governance Board that was going to police public discourse deemed incorrect? The uproar killed the board part. But, turns out, the secret “disinformation effort” carried on secretly. The left these days is fond of labeling anything it dislikes as fascist. Well, here’s a tactic that could rightfully be labeled fascist.

Now, as most of you probably know by now, I don’t do much screaming here. I’ve been doing this writing for more than a half-century now. There’s enough screaming going on elsewhere. And if you’re screaming all the time, you can’t be listening, which is how I learned a lot of stuff in those long years.

Like you, probably, I’m not all that fond of paywalls. Although come to think of it, for decades, all of my pre-Internet writing was behind the old-fashioned paywall of subscribing to the newspapers I wrote for. Buy the paper to read the stories, including mine.


When I first got excited about newspaper writing in the tenth grade, I imagined readers someday lining up to buy a paper with my byline, maybe even two copies if they liked the story. The reality was that in four decades of newspaper writing and millions of miles of travel, I never once ever spotted one person actually reading one of my stories. And, trust me, I was watching closely, at least in the earlier days.

Much of my writing here at RedState, though not all, is behind the VIP paywall. Here’s why: With social media strangling the reach of our posts and colluding with government officials to censor “disinformation,” an alternate revenue stream is necessary for our journalism to survive.

Our parent company, Townhall, is now offering a special discount of 40% off a VIP membership. Forty percent off (and it’s not even Black Friday) works out to about $2.45 a month, half the price of a Starbucks coffee and less than an Uber tip.

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My colleague Brandon Morse explained the rationale well here:

This is why we have the VIP program. Their attempts to control what we write, how much they let us be seen, and/or intimidate us into silence are hollow in the face of a readership and fandom that will not allow the left and its ilk to sink us.

Your subscriptions have helped us out far more than we can relay and our thanks are far more than we can express


Such financial support provides a reliable stream that enables us to do all kinds of writing: The exclusive reports of Jennifer Van Laar. The detailed reports on the Russia-Ukraine war from the experienced eye of military veteran streiff. And the revealing, more-personal accounts from writers like Susie Moore.

And the vast, varied staff of RedState writers scattered across the country.

We’re all here to write and be read, and a VIP membership gets you more of the latter.

Hope to see you there.


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