Cats, Kids, and Crazy Candidates: Are We Doomed?

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels

Welcome to Are We Doomed? the weekly column in which I will take the latest news and try to determine if it’s all downhill from here.

This is their best?

The Democrat candidates for 2020 have lost their ever-loving minds.


Why did this happen?

Honestly, can you imagine trying to be this fool’s handler?

Only this staffer understands.

Important question from my buddy Brandon:

Verdict: If anybody votes for these people, we’re extremely doomed.

Hi, the Holocaust was bad.

I didn’t think people had to be told that the Holocaust was bad, but I guess people have to be told that the Holocaust is bad.


Verdict: At least people pushed back, I guess? That’s the only thing standing between us and doom.

At least there’s cuteness.


I watched this about 600 times.


Verdict:  This cuteness made me feel better, so I guess we’re less doomed.


I didn’t think anyone was actually going to do this.

Verdict: Are we doomed because somebody actually tried this, or is this just what Hollywood has always been and we didn’t have social media before? Hard to judge the doom on this one.


Is it any wonder fertility rates are plummeting?

Verdict: If people don’t start demanding more respect than this, we’re actually doomed.

The Cutest PhD.

This good girl got a PhD from my alma mater this week.

As a responsible arbiter of doom, I looked into this further.

Verdict: Institutions of higher learning kind of stink these days, so this made me happy. We just might not be doomed.

Anti-racism is the new racism or something.

Then again, other colleges are doing this.

Verdict: We have to cease this idea that making me uncomfortable is inherently bad or we’re fully doomed. It’s already gotten bad enough that anti-racism makes people uncomfortable because it deals with racism.


Gratitude x2

This time of year, delivery guys have a hard job. So, one family decided to show their gratitude by leaving water and goodies on the front porch for them. Their doorbell cam caught a driver who was grateful for the gratitude.

Verdict: If we were all a little more grateful for the people who help us and for the people who are grateful for us, think about how great the world would be. We’d be awfully far from doomed.

Just accept that you’re going to cry.

This little boy’s entire kindergarten class came to court for his adoption, and don’t even bother trying to keep it together.

Verdict: Watching this community come together to see a family made official tells me we’re going to be ok.

In Summation…

This world is one crazy ride, but we’re not doomed (yet). Stay vigilant, though, because it’s doomy out there.


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