New Album Celebrates Classic Songwriting

Used with permission from Ernie Mannix

I have pretty simple taste in music. I like music that is good. I’d rather have a good song performed well than a lot of fancy production any day of the week. That’s why I love the new album Flowers and Candy from Ernie Mannix which features that rarest of musical feats- real songs.


The album notes by Michael McGruther read:

Composer and songwriter Ernie Mannix’s “Flowers and Candy” is an audible journey that feels so familiar, while being totally original. The album entertains us with the ups and downs of modern romance, spinning heartfelt musical poems of love—some warm and beautiful, some sad, broken and unrequited.

The superb and layered songwriting is arranged perfectly utilizing vintage keyboard instruments, guitars, and 1960’s vintage Fender and Ampeg amplifiers. The production and instrumentation hone an intriguing period edge from start to finish. The album left me feeling like I was riding in a convertible with the top down on a perfect summer day.

Every song feels like a longtime favorite the first time you’ve heard it while still feeling like something new to discover. It’s a difficult balance that Mannix manages beautifully. Because he wrote, recorded, and produced each song himself, the album feels like a glimpse into a personal story, a peek at Mannix’s heart. It’s all about heart, too, with every song being about love and courtship, hence the title of Flowers and Candy.


This is Mannix’s third album. His previous releases include a pop album and an album of his musical score work (you’ve probably heard his work in one of your favorite movies or TV shows). Just as the music in a score takes you on a journey so, too, does this album.

For classic songwriting and performances, you can’t beat Flowers and Candy. You can listen on Spotify or Apple music, but just buy it on iTunes. You’re going to want it.


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