Kamala Is All-In On Iowa, Why Won't She Talk About A Key Issue For Their Voters?

With current polls putting her at around five percent, Kamala Harris is pinning all of her hopes on Iowa.

Politico reports that Harris “is planning to make weekly visits to the state and nearly double the size of her 65-person ground operation” after being absent from the state since her 17-stop bus tour in August.


Then there are completely candid moments  like that that she definitely didn’t expect the press to report on, while being completely aware that their job is to follow her around and report on what she says.

Amazing that the press just happened to catch that, isn’t it? What luck!

If Iowa is her last hope, there’s one big thing missing from her messaging- corn. Iowa is the largest producer of corn in the United States year after year (and the United States is the largest producer of corn in the world). So, why isn’t she talking about ethanol?

She’s in a tough spot.

Ethanol isn’t environmentally friendly and, as such, is very anti-Green New Deal, who was an original co-sponsor of the Sen. Markey’s original legislation. We know that the environment is a huge issue for Democrat party voters- CNN even held a 7-hour townhall on that alone, something they haven’t done for any other single issue.

Harris could court those voters by talking about wind, for example. It’s now more cost-effective than many fossil fuels, and it even matters to Iowa. As one of the largest wind-producing states in America, it is fueling their new tech industry. She’s not talking about that either, though, just going after fossil fuels.


Still, Iowa is farm country, and they rely on corn. She could still win Iowa if she took on a stance that supported free trade, since other countries like Brazil are happy to buy our ethanol. Ted Cruz won Iowa while running against Renewable Fuel Standards (the EPA’s requirement that fuel contain renewable fuels like ethanol) so it’s possible, but you have to stand for something.

Kamala won’t commit to anything, and that’s the real problem here.


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