School Official Gets Slap on the Wrist After Planning Horrible Active Shooter Drill

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After arranging for a truly terrifying active shooter drill, a school superintendent in California will be formally reprimanded. Without notifying teachers, Juan Sandoval had a custodian at Raisin City Elementary school wear a mask, hold a fake gun, and run around the school pretending to be an active shooter. Teachers and students were understandably terrified leading teachers to call for his removal.


In July, the school board unanimously voted to undertake disciplinary action, which could be anything up to termination. The board has now decided by a vote of 4-1 that the disciplinary action will be nothing more than a formal reprimand, the Fresno Bee reports.

Teacher Kim Cooper, president of Raisin City Teachers Association said:

I am glad that Mr. Sandoval will use better judgment in the future and I am glad that my students will feel safe in their school environment. We will put this incident behind us and focus on the well-being of our students.

Would you feel safe with your kids in this school?


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