This Week's Democrat Polling in 'Parks & Rec' GIFs

Another week, new polling.  In previous weeks, we’ve looked at polling in Taylor Swift lyrics, Archer GIFs, and Arrested Development. This week, Quinnipiac polling and Parks & Rec GIFs.


Let’s see how the democrats are doing.

The Overall Democratic Field

They’re a very cool grip that’s killing it with the young people.

First Place- Joe Biden (34%)

Once again, Uncle Joe comes out on top. The voters seem to like him as much as Leslie Knope does.

Second Place- Elizabeth Warren (15%)

Well, that’s a huge gap between first and second place. Maybe it’s because she basically painted the murals in Pawnee City Hall. If she doesn’t get a White House, gig, though, I know somebody else who might be hiring.

Third Place- Kamala Harris (12%)

Just a bit behind Warren, we’ve got Kamala Harris. Half of the people she’s put in jail are like:

Fourth Place- Bernie Sanders (11%)

Just one point behind Harris, we have the man who doesn’t understand math. May I suggest a new campaign slogan?

Treat Yourself Parks And Recreation GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


“Don’t know” came in at 12%, showing us just how passionate people are about their choices.

Parks And Recreation Amy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



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