Indiana City Allows People to Pay Parking Tickets by Helping Shelter Cats

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One city in Indiana is letting people pay off their parking tickets in a unique way- by helping local shelter cats. Every spring, the city of Muncie finds their shelters overwhelmed with kittens (earlier this month, they were already up to 350), and that means a lot of supplies are needed. Hundreds of kittens means a lot of food, litter, and paper towels for cleaning cages. So, the city decided to help the kitties out in a unique way- they let people pay off their parking tickets in cat supplies instead of cash.


A local Fox affiliate reported that the idea is simple- simply donate supplies that equal the dollar amount of your ticket, and the city will consider it paid. Have multiple tickets? No problem. Just bring in more supplies. If you can’t make it to the shelter, call the police station and they’ll even come pick up the supplies from you.

Take a look at their announcement on Facebook live:

The event was a huge success. As word spread, even people without parking tickets stepped up for Muncie’s kittens.


This isn’t the first time a city has foregone cash to get parking tickets paid off for a good cause. In the spring, Las Vegas allowed residents to pay off parking tickets with school supplies for children.



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