Superintendent to be Disciplined After Active Shooter Drill Goes Too Far

After a school superintendent held a terrifying active shooter drill at Raisin City Elementary School in California, teachers asked for his removal at a school board meeting Tuesday. Superintendent Juan Sandoval held the drill without informing students, parents, or teachers, leading those on campus to believe that a janitor, wearing a mask and holding a fake weapon, was an actual shooter.


In a unanimous vote, the school board, who were also not informed of the drill, determined that Sandoval would be disciplined. They said “By a vote of 5-0 the board will approve appropriate disciplinary action and the board will schedule another meeting and give mister Sandavol an opportunity to respond,” they said.

During the open comment period, local news Your Central Valley reported that people spoke both for and against Sandoval being disciplined. “I was afraid, and I think he should have had the decency to let us know that this drill was coming. We had no clue, and it was very scary,” said one teacher.

Another man said that Sandoval simply made a mistake. “He made a mistake, but it was in the heart of what is good for everybody. It was in the heart of what was good for these children.”

In a future meeting, the disciplinary action will be discussed. Your Central Valley reports that Sandoval could face punishment from suspension to termination.


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