Texas Governor Legalizes This Timeless Summer Pastime for Kids

It happens every summer in America. A kid opens a lemonade stand, as kids have for decades in America, and the government shuts them down for not having a business license.


Last summer, Country Time lemonade brand started the legal-ade legal defense fund for kids who needed help paying the fines associated with running a lemonade stand without the government’s permission. As I wrote at the time, that was all well and good, but that didn’t get to the real root of the problem.

I wrote:

The problem isn’t that kids need help paying the fines associated with operating a lemonade stand, the problem is that kids are being fined for operating a lemonade stand. The problem is overburdensome regulations. Country Time needs to take a stand for lemonade standers everywhere and ask the government to get out of the business of telling kids they can’t set up shop in the front yard.

Summer is here again, and Country Time is still trying to help little entrepreneurs. This time, they’re advertising in grocery stores.


I’ll admit, it would make me choose their brand over another. It doesn’t solve the whole problem, but at least they’re doing something.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, however, is doing what actually needs to be done: letting kids run lemonade stands without the government getting involved.

It’s ridiculous such a law was necessary, but constituents were excited Abbott took action and common sense prevailed.





Abbott also thanked the senator who sponsored the legislation.

Let’s all raise a glass to common sense.


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