Trump Tweets Support for Covington Catholic Lawsuit (video)

Donald Trump has Tweeted his support for the lawsuit filed against the Washington Post by Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann.


The president quoted the lawsuit, tweeting:

“The Washington Post ignored basic journalistic standards because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented biased agenda against President Donald J. Trump.” Covington student suing WAPO. Go get them Nick. Fake News!

Only 20 minutes earlier, he tweeted this. Was this about Sandmann, or just a comment on the state of the news?

This is the first lawsuit among many that have been promised. Sandman’s attorney has filed suit against the Washington Post for $250 million, the exact same amount Amazon zillionaire Jeff Bezos paid for the paper in 2013.

If you need a reminder of now the kids were treated immediately after the incident, check this out:


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