Man Arrested for Throwing Snowballs

After a 30-minute standoff with police, a Michigan man was arrested this week for (trigger warning- winter frivolity) throwing snowballs.

The 19 year-old accessed the 3-story roof on a downtown building and threw snowballs at people walking below, according to the Traverse City Ticker. No one was injured, but police were called, and it took them 30 minutes to talk him down. He was then arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing.


Traverse City Police Captain Keith Gillis said they were concerned that he was going to harm himself. He told 9&10 News

Obviously our concern was that he was on the top of the building and with us confronting him we didn’t know what his status was, if it was just throwing snowballs, if he had intentions of doing self-harm or anything of that nature. So we handled it in a situation that was worst-case scenario.

The city is safe again. Maybe they need to get a nine-year old to fix their laws like Dane Best did in Severance, Colorado.



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