Far-Left Democrat Declines to Take Oath on the Bible

Kyrsten Sinema attends the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Los Angeles Dinner at the JW Marriott L.A. Live on Saturday, March 10, 2018, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Far-left Democrat Kyrsten Sinema was sworn into congress this week, but something was a little different for her ceremony. Instead of placing her hand on the Bible, Sinema chose instead to hold a copy of a book containing both the United States and Arizona Constitutions.


Sinema is the only US Senator to identify as “religiously unaffiliated” and, her spokesman John LaBombard told AZ Central

Kyrsten always gets sworn in on a Constitution simply because of her love for the Constitution.

I assume that means she will uphold the Constitution, right? Protect the second amendment at all costs? Boldly uphold the tenth against her party’s assaults? Yeah, I doubt it, too.Why do I doubt that she loves the Constitution? Well, she wants to further reduce second amendment rights, she wants to do all kinds of things that don’t fall under the purview of the Constitution, thereby violating the 10th Amendment. Her take on national security? Well, depends on what you think about the wall.


Meanwhile, the other senator from Arizona, Martha McSally, was sworn in using a Bible- and not just any Bible. The University of Arizona loaned McSally a Bible which was recovered from the wreckage of the USS Arizona after its destruction at Pearl Harbor for her swearing in.

California has clearly been seeping into Arizona, and this is what happens.


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