University Library Calls Thanksgiving What?

Institutions of higher education have become self-parodies, but you probably already knew that. Case in point? Campus Reform reports that The McQuade Library at Merrimack College in Massachusetts is now referring to Thanksgiving as a “National Day of Mourning.”

On their Facebook page, they posted an anti-Thanksgiving article with some rather interesting hashtags.

Those hashtags are dumb enough, but they’ve deleted the worst of them. Campus Reform has a screenshot, however, and screenshots are forever.

That’s right- #NationalDayofMourning

Thanksgiving, a day when we get together with our families and friends to celebrate the blessings in our lives, is considered by this supposedly educational institution to be a day of mourning. A racist day of mourning. I guess we’re supposed to forget that the native americans celebrated with the pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving.

Some of the comments were pretty good.

I guess these particular asylum-seekers just don’t matter, eh?

Wouldn’t it be nice if colleges were’t just social justice warriors, but actual centers of thinking? That might be too much to ask.