College Students Given Dedicated Space to "Process" Election Results

It would appear that Elmhurst College in Illinois has made a couple of assumptions about their students. The first is that they are all raging liberals, and the second is that they are all so unreasonable that they can’t handle a mild disappointment. The college has planned accordingly, with three offices holding office hours where students could receive support after the the blue wave failed to materialize on Tuesday.


Campus Reform reports that Elmhurst sent out an email stating that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Student Involvement, and Office of the Chaplain sent out an email saying “Our staff will have open office hours to provide a space to process the outcomes of the elections. What will this entail?

We will also have coffee, cider, hot chocolate, and some treats to offer you…we hope that you will join us if you need some extra support and resources throughout the day.

What if you can’t make it during office hours? Not to worry, the Spiritual Life Council would be offering a “space to process election results.”

Student Tremaine Franklin told Campus Reform “I think it’s pretty cool that the school gives people a place to go and get information on the election.” Does this seem like an informative initiative to anyone else? It seems like an offensive way to treat adults like children to me. I would have thought this was insane when I was in college.



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